London-born, Sydney-based artist Claire Cassidy, AKA Studio Flos, has earned a loyal following on both Instagram and TikTok with her playful paper-cut art, paintings, digital and 3D work. 

“Most of my artwork is teeny tiny and one of my goals this year is to work on a bigger scale, so it was super-fun to create these large painted paper vases,” she says. “I was inspired by the size of the Born A2 Recycled Kraft Folios and loved how they were a blank canvas for different colours and patterns.

Portrait shot of artist Claire Cassidy in a colourful top to highlight article on a simple craft idea for adults: creating colourful painted paper vases.  

“This is such a versatile and affordable project; these paper vases could be used as permanent decor in your home or why not choose specific colours to match a party theme or bedroom?”

This cool craft idea for adults also makes a cute homemade gift for loved ones, so gather your DIY crafts supplies and get creating.

What You'll Need:


Close up shot of scissors cutting edge off a cardboard folio, the first step of the paper vase DIY home decor project.

Step 1

Cut the short edges off both ends of the Born A2 Recycled Kraft Folio, and fold it inside out, so that the inside is facing out.

Close up shot of cardboard with large abstract shapes painted on in orange, yellow, pink and green.‍

Step 2

Using acrylic paints and a paintbrush, create a bold and colourful pattern on one side of the folio. 

Close up of a hand decorating painted shapes on cardboard with a paint marker as part of a DIY home decor project. 

Step 3

Once it’s dry, use paint pens to embellish the paint with abstract patterns and detail. Sketch out a large vase shape on the unpainted side of the folio. Cut out the shape through both sides of the cardboard. You should now have two identical vase shapes. 

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Overhead view of hands making marks on the edge of a colourful cardboard vase using a pencil and a small rectangle of cardboard.

Step 4

Use an offcut of the folio and cut it to a 4cm wide rectangle, then draw a line, widthways, 1cm from the edge. Use this as a guide to mark where the holes will go around the edges of your vase. You won’t need marks on the top or bottom. Once you’re done, punch holes at each mark.

A piece of painted cardboard in the shape of a vase with white string threaded along the outer edge.

Step 5

Use twine to ‘sew’ the two sides of your vase together.

Two vases made from cardboard and painted in bold colours stand upright on a table, with fresh flowers coming out the tops.

Step 6

Slide the paper vase over a jar filled with water, and then add flowers. 

Watch the video on Instagram or TikTok.

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