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How Your Small Business Can Reap the Benefits of Outsourcing


| By Alexandra Carlton | February 1, 2021

Take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing for small business by seeking extra support for SEO services, accounting services, bookkeeping and IT.

Take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing for small business.

When you start a small business, it’s tempting to try and stay on top of every task yourself. After all, why pay someone to do what you could probably manage? The answer is simple: time. Pass the time-consuming tasks, as well as the ones that require expertise, to an external specialist and you’ll have more time and energy to grow your business and reap the benefits of outsourcing for small business.


IT and Tech Systems

If your tech troubleshooting stops at “try turning it off and on again”, then outsourcing your IT setup and management to an external team is a no-brainer. Officeworks’ Geeks2U is like having a personalised tech team at your fingertips, without hours of sitting on phones trying to explain an issue to a call centre. They can do everything from establishing and maintaining a secure network, troubleshooting and repairing your computer systems or setting up applications such as Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) or Google Workspace. “Our customers are blown away when we say we can offer same-day service if it’s required,” says Anthony Hill, Geeks2U’s Head of Technology. “We know how important it is for SMEs to have their computer systems running smoothly and they need any problems solved as quickly as possible.”

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one service you might consider outsourcing for small business.

Thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram, the look and feel of your small business’ brand has never been more important. You could try to knock up a logo or social media templates yourself but unless you’re a trained graphic designer, it will never have the same polish or professionalism than if you bring in the experts. Officeworks’ team of in-house graphic designers can create logos, stationery, flyers and other marketing material tailored to suit your brand’s personality and purpose, at a price that fits your budget. For a cost-effective video you can amplify across your social media channels and website, a Custom Video for Products and Services package will leave you with a strong 60-second video.

Bookkeeping and Finance

Rachel Sumpter from he Essential BookkeeperT likens outsourcing bookkeeping to going to the hairdresser. “You could attempt to cut your hair yourself but with a good hairdresser's knowledge and expertise, you are going to get a much better result,” she says. Bookkeepers do more than just crunch numbers: a good one should help you learn how to grow your business profitably and ensure you always have more money coming in than going out. Whether you are a sole trader or a small business, Officeworks can help provide these services.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Digital marketing may be a good task to consider outsourcing for small business.

Increasingly, advertising online and digital marketing is not a choice for small businesses, but a necessity. If your brand isn’t making its presence known online to the right customers in the right way, you can guarantee your competitor is. A professional digital marketer should charge a recurring retainer fee and will work with you to design a digital marketing and advertising strategy for your brand — including email marketing and suggested social posts — as well as navigate and monitor the ever-changing world of Facebook and Google Ads so you get the best return on ad spend (ROAS) for your dollar. A more cost-effective option for those starting out is to set up Google Ads on your own using a professional package that guides you through the process, ensuring you are getting the right ads to the right places and helping you monitor their ongoing effectiveness.

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Business (and Life) Administration

No time to return those calls, organise your client leads, chase invoices or onboard your new employee? Don’t have the space or the spend to employ an assistant in-house? This is where a nimble and remote virtual assistant can help. “VAs take on the tasks in a business that owners realise they don’t have the time, the skills or experience to do,” says Lee Doherty, owner and founder of Admin & Co. You can bring a VA on to do ongoing tasks, such as diary management and data entry, or for one-off projects that have been slipping down your ‘To Do’ list for months. “A good virtual assistant will reliably self-manage and deliver high-quality and on time outsourced tasks every time,” says Doherty.

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Consider outsourcing tasks like payroll to save your small business time.

Around one-third of Australian businesses outsourced their payroll operations in 2019, up from around a quarter in 2018, according to the 2019 Payroll Benchmarking Report. Allowing experts to handle this key accounting service can minimise errors, maximise compliance and save money. But be aware that a well-functioning payroll system that operates within Australian employment law is not something to be entrusted to just anyone: research your options, interview several companies and ask to see references and a detailed fee proposal before committing to a service.