Everyone loves presents, but there’s something extra special about receiving them lovingly wrapped and finished with personalised gift tags. Plus, says Ann Nguyen, mum of three and influencer known as The Artful Grimmer, it’s an activity in which the whole family can take part.

“It’s a great activity that’s sure to bring out everyone’s imagination and creativity,” says Ann. “You can customise them with craft items and glue. Think gold leaf, pom poms, glitter, stickers and googly eyes – the possibilities are endless!” 

How to Make Personalised Gift Tags 

Start your personalised gift tags by cutting and gluing coloured paper to plywood discs.

Step 1: Select some colourful paper for the background of your gift tag, then use a plywood tag as a template to draw round and cut out a circle shape from your paper. 

Step 2: Use glue to fix the paper onto your tag. 

Making homemade gift tags from coloured paper is a great idea. 

Step 3: Add layers of paper over the top of your background to create a design that’s interesting and colourful.  

Punch a hole through the paper in the same spot as the plywood gift tag ready to thread string through.

Step 4: Use a skewer or a sharp-pointed instrument (like a clay tool) to punch a hole through the paper background in the same spot as the hole in the tag.

Decorate your personalised gift tags with craft materials such as pom poms, ribbon and letters.

Step 5: Once you’re happy with the background design, apply embellishments to the gift tag with glue. Try pom pom ribbon and glue it around the edge of your tag. Here, we’ve glued a double row of ribbon for extra pom poms and added some rose gold letter stickers. You can also use washi tape, rhinestones, paper flowers, glitter or whatever you can find. The possibilities are endless!

Step 6: Attach the string provided to your tag and affix it to your gift.

What To Try

Get all your craft materials ready, including pom poms, paper flowers and stickers.