A winning edge isn’t just a matter of skill; when you’re playing PC and console games, the right gaming desk can make all the difference. Why? Because this essential piece of kit can help you stay focused and competitive. With more features than your typical table top or work desk, the best gaming desks prioritise size, shape and adjustability to accommodate a PC and multiple monitors and keyboards, while still giving you the room you need to easily move your mouse and controller. 

“Many gaming desks offer sit-stand options allowing more freedom of movement, which can help relieve some of the health concerns of sitting for long periods of time,” says Geeks2U’s Head of Technology Anthony Hill. “Some gaming desks have surfaces specifically designed to allow use of the mouse across the entire surface rather than being restricted to the small area of a mouse pad.  Others have built in drink holders to avoid accidental spillage over your valuable equipment and even headset holders to keep all of your gaming equipment in easy reach.” Which one is right for you? Well, it all depends on what you need...

Go big or go home – the right gaming desk makes for a more comfortable and spacious gaming session.

Gaming Desks That Give You Room to Move

Go big or go home – that’s the attitude for many elite gamers who like spacious options like the Typhoon Elite Gaming Desk 1800mm.  At 1.8m wide it has more than enough room for multiple monitors or one ultra-wide gaming monitor. Even though it’s slightly smaller, the Typhoon Elite Gaming Desk 1500mm can also accommodate multiple monitors and keyboards on its powder coated steel frame, while the 25mm thick desktop can support up to 100kg. Also onboard is remote-controlled RGB LED backlighting (a must for added ambience), along with a headphone holder, a cup holder and a cable management tray. 

Spending hours gaming? An ergonomic gaming desk will make sure you’re comfortable no matter how long your session.

Gaming Desks That Flex for Height and Health

Ergonomics and comfort are a big part in a player’s success, so being able to adjust the desk to your height and to suit your playing style is important. Both the Typhoon Elite Electric Gaming Desk and the Typhoon Elite Dual Motor Electric Gaming Desk can be adapted for sitting or standing. Like a sit-stand work desk, this can help improve posture and reduce neck and shoulder strain. Both have a control panel to achieve your desired height, and while you're finding that perfect elevation, an anti-collision function means you can program the desk to stop moving before it hits anything under or above it. The desks also have RGB LED backlighting, cable management, a headset holder and drink holder so you can stay hydrated.

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The best gaming desk for you doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many well-priced options available.

Gaming Desks That Are Wallet Friendly

You don’t need to break the bank for your gaming – there are several well-priced gaming desks that have a host of features for a superior experience. The 1.2m wide Typhoon Gaming Desk includes a headphone rest and cup holder, while the slightly narrower ONEX Gaming Desk 1100Z, at 1.12m wide, has a dual headset rack and a game pad holder. The 1.2m wide Typhoon Pro Gaming Desk can handle a heavy kit (up to 40kg), and has a scratch-resistant melamine finish, headset storage and drink holder. If you have a little more cash to splash, the 1.2m ONEX Gaming Desk 1200H offers a large mouse pad, a game controller rack fit with 4 USB charging ports and includes a power socket rack with surge protectors. And the best thing is, all these desks come in at under $300.

For many gamers, the best gaming desk is one that also looks good. Go for a distinctive gaming desk with flair.

Gaming Desks That Prioritise Both Style and Functionality 

For many gamers, a desk doesn’t just have to be fit for purpose – it also has to look good and be loads of fun to use. The ONEX Gaming Desk 1200Z was designed by gamers for gamers, so expect stylish Z-shaped legs, a smooth carbon-fibre texture finish desktop and LED lights to enhance the gaming mood. If you need room to stretch out, the ONEX Gaming Desk 1600Z has a roomy set-up with a place for all your accessories including headsets, gaming discs and drinks. Supporting up to 180kg, it may be super sturdy, but it’s also super sleek with Z-shaped legs, an eye-catching textured surface and geometric light installations.

What to Try

Typhoon Pro 1200mm LED Gaming Desk Black and Blue

Typhoon 1200mm Gaming Desk Black

Typhoon Pro 1200mm LED Gaming Desk Black and White

Typhoon Elite Electric Gaming Desk 1500mm 

Typhoon Elite Gaming Desk 1500mm Black and Blue

Typhoon Elite Gaming Desk 1800mm Black

Typhoon Elite Dual Motor Electric Gaming Desk 1500mm Black

ONEX GD1100Z Gaming Desk 1120 x 750mm

ONEX GD1200H Gaming Desk 1200 x 760mm

ONEX GD1200Z-RGB Gaming Desk

ONEX GD1600H Gaming Desk 1524 x 768mm

ONEX GD1600Z RGB Gaming Desk 1560 x 610mm

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