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12 Easy Easter Crafts for Kids


| By Alexis Teasdale | March 1, 2021

Easter is almost here – and we’ve got 12 easy Easter crafts for kids to help them celebrate the holiday in a fun way.

Hop to it, it’s Easter craft time! Kids will love making all things egg, carrot, chick and bunny-inspired. And, what better time to sit them down with activities that will flex their scissor skills, encourage dexterity and inspire their imaginations and creativity? These top 12 easy Easter crafts for kids will keep them busy all through this joyful time of year and beyond.

Hang a Paper Bunny Wreath

This bunny-inspired paper wreath is a great easy Easter craft for kids

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! Why not get the kids working on an Easter-themed bunny version to hang on the front door? Using just cardboard, paper and glue, this project is light on materials and heavy on fun. The little ones simply need to ‘shred’ plain paper with scissors (Tip: fold the paper, then cut into strips). After making the wreath base and ears, they can bunch the paper strips into balls and stick them down onto their foundation. This is a fantastic way to encourage scissor practice without the need for perfection, and there’s additional sensory play as they scrunch the paper, concentrating as they go from beginning to end.

What You'll Need

You’ll need paper, a glue gun, board and markers for this easy Easter craft for kids.

Decorate with Clay Eggs

These sweet clay eggs are a fun and easy Easter craft for kids

Whether they are hung from pot plants, doorknobs or off a hook on the fridge, these clay egg decorations will add colour and excitement to your home. Get the kids to roll the clay before cutting into egg shapes. Encourage them to add patterns using toothpicks, paper doilies or kitchen utensils. Once dry, they can colour or paint and glue on fun accessories. This is a fantastic sensory activity that will leave them with a lasting keepsake.

What You'll Need

Fold Up Some Carrot Bunting

TThis carrot bunting, an easy Easter craft for kids, looks almost good enough to eat!

Nothing says ‘festive’ quite like bunting strung around the house! And once the kids have finished with this activity, their paper folding skills will have improved out of sight. It’s as simple as showing them how to fold an A4 piece of orange paper ‘accordion style’: folding down one edge, flipping it over, folding it back then repeating to the end. Once all the paper is folded, they can cut the page in half, pinch at the bottom, stick together with some tape and they have their carrot! Finish with a folded green strip to make a carrot top and weave string through to hold it all together.

What You'll Need

You’ll need orange and green paper, scissors, tape and string for this easy Easter craft for kids

Create a Felt Chick Puppet

Try this easy Easter craft for kids: sweet felt chick finger puppets

Puppets are a fantastic way to encourage imaginative play and creative expression in children, and this DIY version is an easy craft for beginners. Fold a piece of felt in half and get the kids to cut out their animal in duplicate – a chick is a good entry-level shape. They can use a glue gun to attach the two pieces together before adding wings, eyes, a beak and whatever other details they need to personalise their new puppet friend.

What You'll Need

You’ll need felt, a glue gun, markers and scissors to make this easy Easter craft for kids

Create a Popsicle Stick Egg Basket

This popsicle stick basket is an easy Easter craft for kids perfect for the annual egg hunt

Every Easter egg hunt needs a good basket! This popsicle stick version will help them develop design and construction skills as they work out how many sticks to choose and how to make a big strong base. Opt for a low-temp glue gun instead of liquid glue (this will save on drying time). Glue on thick cardboard as the base to give it plenty of strength to hold delicious chocolate eggs on Easter morning. Then decorate with paper daisies and leaves or whatever takes your fancy.

What You'll Need

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Accessorise with an Easter Necklace

This festive necklace is an easy Easter craft for kids that will help them get in the Easter spirit

Children who love playing with dough will have a ball (pun intended!) making their own beads out of clay. Start by rolling tiny spheres with the clay, then push each through a thin stick, such as a toothpick, and allow to dry before decorating. Ensure they make the hole wide enough to easily thread string through. They can do this by gently moving the toothpick in small circles to widen the hole.

What You'll Need

Whip up a Bunny Cardboard Mask

Hop to it and try this easy Easter craft for kids: a cute Easter bunny face mask

Dress-ups and costumes give kids the chance to explore imaginative play, so making their own mask is an easy craft with a double purpose. Littlies can choose coloured cardboard or paint their own, then cut out their Easter shape from an Easter bunny to an Easter chick, or even Easter egg glasses! The final step is to add accessories such as pipe-cleaner whiskers, a nose and string on the sides to tie around the back of their head.

What You'll Need

Transform Cardboard Rolls Into Easter Creatures

Create your own Easter animals with this easy craft idea for kids

With a little paper and a plenty of imagination, the humble cardboard roll can become an adorable Easter decoration. If your kids love this activity, encourage them to make whole Easter bunny and chick families, and maybe even nests and rabbit holes too. Task them with gluing on the paper and cutting up crepe paper for added texture. Complete the animals by drawing on little faces.

What You'll Need

Add a Touch of Party With an Easter Piñata

A DIY Easter-themed pinata is a unique and easy Easter craft for kids

A DIY piñata will add so much fun to any Easter celebration. Using cardboard from an old box or extra strong foam board, kids can cut out two matching pieces to form the front and back of their piñata. Then, they can cut two long strips and glue or tape them to the sides. Cutting a small ‘hatch door’ in the base, adding a little hole in it and pushing through a piece of string will form the surprise exit for lollies and confetti. Once they have finished designing the piñata, it’s onto decorating. If there are multiple kids coming to the celebration, push lots of pieces of string into the base of the piñata, but not that special hatch panel – that way, only one piece will pull the goodies out!

What You'll Need

You’ll need tissue paper – and lollies! – to make this easy Easter craft for kids

Craft a Bunny Puppet Plate

This easy Easter craft for kids encourages construction skills and imaginative thinking

Who knew a paper plate could be so much fun! By transforming it into a garden scape and adding a popsicle stick puppet bunny, kids will have a cute craft they can keep playing with for days to come. A great activity to encourage construction skills and imaginative thinking, this will give them some quality quiet time as they hone their skills.

What You'll Need

Mould a Chick Egg Cup

Get kids excited about eggs for breakfast with this easy Easter craft: chick-themed egg cups!

Having hard-boiled eggs for Easter morning brekkie? Then encourage kids to make their very own clay egg cup! Using a pinch pot method, they can fashion their cup by moulding the clay – with an egg on hand to make sure it will fit inside. Then, before it dries, they could add texture such as feathers with a toothpick or pencil, as well as some features including eyes and a beak. Once totally dry, it’s onto painting and setting aside ready for an extra special brekkie time.

What You'll Need

Have Fun With Peg Animals

Pull a rabbit out of a hat with this easy Easter craft for kids

A little peg can still pack a big surprise! Kids will have fun working out the logistics of this magic trick as their hidden designs are revealed. Part of the joy will be planning it, and then engineering the craft by cutting out their characters and gluing one half onto the bottom piece of the peg and one half onto the top piece. As children pinch the peg together, it will open and the surprise will unfold!

What You'll Need