Not sure where to get started when it comes to making your home smarter? Got a laptop making a very concerning whirring noise? Or just want to know if your Wi-Fi is as efficient as it can be? Well, we asked two experts from Geeks2U, Ariel and Harvey, for their best tech advice on some common queries.

What is a solid state drive and why might I need one?

Harvey: An internal solid state drive (SSD) is a fantastic upgrade for any older machine that might be suffering from incredibly slow speeds, whether it be, you know, booting up the machine initially or just simply opening programs. I’ve replaced one of my laptops with an SSD inside and it’s just been a fantastic upgrade. It means I have prolonged the life of it for another few years. If you give us a call, we can come over to yours and install a new SSD upgrade.

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What is the best operating system for a business laptop?

Ariel: In my opinion, Windows 11 is the best operating system because it’s very compatible with all the software and it’s very easy to manage.

Geeks2U expert Ariel standing in front of a concrete wall in an Officeworks store. He’s smiling and wearing a black polo shirt and name tag on a red lanyard. 

Why is my laptop so slow and how can I fix it?

Ariel: [It could be] for many reasons. It could be because your operating system is not updated or because you are running a lot of programs. And at the same time, if your hard drive is a little bit old fashioned, you might need to change it for a solid state drive. [Geeks2U] can clean up your laptop by cleaning all the temporary files and free space in your storage, and update all your programs and your operating system. 

Can a tablet replace a laptop?

Harvey: A tablet can absolutely replace a laptop. It’s completely possible to use one [instead of a laptop] these days as most of the applications on the tablets are very, very similar to ones on laptops or desktops. And you’ve got the increased portability. With the touch screen, it’s really nice to have as well if you’re out. The Samsung Galaxy range of products are fantastic. Obviously you can spend thousands on one or you could spend, you know, $400 or $500. If you want something a bit more budget-friendly for the kids, Lenovo’s Tab series of products are also fantastic.

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What’s the best way to protect my passwords?

Harvey: The best way to protect your passwords these days is actually to have different passwords for each account you’re using. I know it’s annoying. I get that. I use a password manager and highly recommend other people use one as well, because it keeps all your passwords in one centralised location.

Please make sure your passwords are all different, as it’s incredibly unsafe to have one password, or one key to your house. Please make sure your two-factor authentication is on as well. It just helps keep people out that really shouldn’t be in your accounts.

What’s an easy way to make my home “smarter”?

Ariel: Start your smart home simply with voice-controlled speakers or remote plugs or lights, then expand with security, climate control and sensors for a more automated living experience. Smart locks, cameras and doorbells can also easily upgrade your home security with remote control, automatic lighting, watchful cameras, two-way communication, and give your home the illusion that it is occupied.

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Geeks2U expert Harvey in front of a concrete wall in an Officeworks. He’s crossing his arms but smiling, and wearing a black polo shirt and name tag on a red lanyard. 

How do I extend the range of my Wi-Fi?

Harvey: The best way to actually extend the range of your Wi-Fi at home will either be through extenders or a mesh system. Extenders plug into the wall and you’ll have them all connecting and boosting the signal towards an area of your house that you might not have a good connection in. Alternatively, you also have the mesh system of Wi-Fi networks, which have multiple points around the house and create this all-encompassing net of connection basically. So no matter where you are within the house, you’ll always be connected and the range will be boosted far outside of where your NBN connection is. 

The simplest and best way to check your speed these days, and therefore your Wi-Fi, is to go to and just hit ‘Go’. You don’t have to understand what any of the numbers mean. Just compare the result to what you’re paying for with your ISP. If it’s close to it, that’s great; if it’s much lower, you might be too far away. Or you might have an issue with your actual modem or router. So if you have any issues with the speed at all, call your ISP first and if they say there’s no issues on their end, feel free to give Geeks2U a call. One of our technicians will come out and help you as soon as possible.

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