Almost everybody games. It's just a fact of life these days, with figures showing 91% of Australian households own a games device of some sort, spending in excess of $2.85 billion annually.

It's expected that the games industry will be worth almost $5 billion annually by 2025, but what many gamers are now realising is that the purchase price of games only gets you an invite into the world of gaming. 

What can get you so much further, including into the winner's circle, is a smart investment in gaming technology. And this isn't a simple matter of having the best GPU (graphics processing unit) or CPU (central processing unit) – although they never hurt – but also smartly buying gaming-specific peripherals to make the most of your gaming time.

That's not just a gaming pitch for those who want to become the next generation of eSports champions, either. Even if your gaming time is limited, you'll be able to enjoy those titles much more with a few smart buys around sound, control and comfort – all which can take your gaming experience to the next level. 

Gaming Peripherals: Keyboards, Mice and Controller Must-Haves 

Your first stop on the road to improving your gaming experience should be to look at the peripherals you're using. Sure, you can technically game with just the keyboard and trackpad on your laptop, but precisely 0% of the world's best players do that. Instead, specific mechanical gaming keyboards, gaming mice and gaming controllers give them a critical edge over time, in both play and comfort.

This isn't just a matter of fancy RGB lights and extra buttons. The essential detail to look for here is key, button or tracking response. On many gaming mice, that's an adjustable DPI (dots per linear inch) setting so you can smoothly switch between fast turns and precise clicking. (DPI is a common way to measure the speed at which a mouse cursor moves on screen). 

For gaming keyboards, keep an eye out for actuation speed – the time it takes for a keystroke to register – to make sure no vital keystroke is missed or double-counted.

What to Look For: Adjustable input speeds (DPI for mice) and configuration options around lighting and macro commands for keyboards. Also keep an eye out for a robust physical design because gaming PC peripherals have to be able to take a bit of a beating.

It’s important to have good gaming peripherals such as a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard.

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The Best Gaming Laptops and Monitors 

A good gaming laptop can totally change the way you play any game. And that's not only about the raw graphics power it can provide: a laptop will also make it possible to game wherever you happen to be. That means you're no longer constrained to gaming at a desk – all you need is your gaming laptop.

The battle between Intel and AMD on the gaming front has been intense in recent years, and it's only going to step up in 2022 with Intel's 12th-generation processors facing off against AMD's Ryzen-based systems. This is one of those battles where gamers win regardless as it keeps price competition stiff, which will see a steady increase in high-end gaming-specific features for even sharper visuals on gaming laptop systems.

However, if you're concerned your laptop screen might not be big enough for your gaming ambitions, hooking up to a gaming monitor can make all the difference. But, it's not just a question of size. Look for a model with a 144Hz+ refresh rate (the frequency a display updates per second to show a new image on screen) if you're a twitchy FPS gamer and prefer the three-dimensional combat genre. Also seek out multiple inputs if you're going to be sharing game time with a more productive PC.

What To Look For: Display resolution, refresh rates and inputs to match your computer, games and gaming style. For FPS gamers, refresh rates can be key, but those that play on the strategy side may do better with a larger display.

Enjoy a better calibre of video game by opting for a high-end gaming monitor or gaming laptop.

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The Latest in Gaming Microphones

Gaming microphones are essential for online play, whether you're engaging in a team game where clear comms lead to victories, or streaming your exploits for the world to watch on Twitch or YouTube. Gaming technology like mics improve things dramatically – these days, the simple microphone in your laptop just won't cut it. If you want the clearest audio, a pro-quality mic, mic stand and clear space to place it on your gaming desk is a must.

What to Look For: Multiple audio modes if you're recording more than just your own voice, audio passthrough if you want to hook up a set of gaming headphones, and a solid stand to minimise desk noise.

 The best gaming systems feature gaming microphones to enable crystal-clear communication with other online players.

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What to Look For in Gaming Headsets and Speakers 

Gaming audio should never be an afterthought: it's a key part of the immersion of gaming, with the best games featuring stirring soundtracks and meaty effects to truly draw you into the action. 

Beyond that, a good set of gaming headphones or solid gaming-specific speakers can actively enhance your gaming skills, allowing you to more precisely hear the gaming world around you, whether that's a foe sneaking around a corner or the precise sound of a finely tuned racing engine.

What To Look For: Surround modes for either headphones or speakers (if your PC supports them). Newer microphones on gaming headphones also tend to have easy mute modes, either with inline buttons or by simply flipping up the mic when you're not talking.

Immerse yourself in the gaming experience with some gaming speakers or a gaming headset.

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Gaming Chair Choices

No matter your game preference, you're not going to get far – or game at your highest level – if you're uncomfortable. Gaming-specific chairs can offer ergonomic support best suited to longer-form gaming, and hold up to the rigours of being your day-in-day-out chair of choice. 

A good gaming chair can also represent your brand as a gamer if you're streaming your exploits for the world to see, with a wide variety of colour choices to match every gamer's style and decor.

What to Look For: Keep an eye out for ergonomic gaming chairs that provide most support to the head, neck and shoulders. And, of course, a look that fits into your gaming brand.

An ergonomic gaming chair can bring you comfort when you need it most during your longer online gaming sessions.

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The Lowdown on Gaming Desks

If you want to really enhance your gaming experience, the place where you put your laptop or your desktop shouldn't be overlooked. 

Gaming desks have come of age in recent years, offering a suite of additional features to make the most of your gaming time, whether it's RGB lighting to accentuate your gaming den, or additional charging points for your devices to keep them constantly powered up. This isn't just a sitting proposition either, because there are now standing gaming desks available that are just as good out of the office to improve your gaming experience. 

What to Look For: Adjustable height, RGB lighting (to taste), power sockets for USB or passthrough for powerboards, and a solid frame to take consistent gaming use. Maybe a shelf or two for those late-night gaming snacks as well (we won't tell if you don't)...

Keep up with gaming technology trends by installing a gaming desk. 

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