From new tech to inexpensive accessories, the best business resources to try this month include practical advice for fighting criminal cyber attacks, including guides for SMEs; tips for cleaning up your cable spaghetti; and the app that brings casual chats back to remote work.

A Phone to Help You Take Images and Video Like a Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB is a business resource that helps you take professional quality images and video.

If your business requires engaging content using professional quality images and video (and whose business doesn’t nowadays?) the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB may be just the business resource you need. With video so crisp you can even use it for still images, and super fast 5G technology enabling easy downloading, streaming, and posting, you can quickly capture and share moments as they happen. Various shooting modes means filming into the sun or at night poses no problems and the zoom brings far away objects into sharp proximity. The powerful all-day battery will see you on the go all day without having to stop and recharge, too.

The Budget-Friendly Cable Management System: Keji Accessories

Tidy up your messy cables with these products by Keji. They’re an affordable and useful business resource.

If your workspace is overgrown with “cable weed” – a tangle of cords that's threatening to dislodge both itself and your sense of calm – you might want to consider some of Keji’s affordable accessories such as a cable box to hide away your power board and adaptors, or cable management accessories like velcro straps, cable managers or a mesh cord concealer to put an end to the desk spaghetti. 

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The App for Spontaneous Chats: Slack Huddle

You know those work issues that really should take only a minute to sort out? Slack’s Huddle feature is designed to mimic the informal, “Hey, can I ask you something?” conversations you once had across desks before remote working meant scheduled catch-ups. There’s no need to send invites, dial-in numbers or links; anyone in a channel or DM group can join and leave the calls at will. The feature is available on paid Slack subscriptions.

The Trustworthy Cyber Safety Guide: Joint Cybersecurity Advisory 

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has said it receives a report of a cyber attack roughly every 10 minutes. Now, the ACSC has joined forces with its international counterparts as the ​​Joint Cybersecurity Advisory, to help businesses guard themselves from online attacks. The alliance lists the top ways cyber criminals are getting into systems, including vulnerabilities in popular software programs, and lays out detailed, technical information on how to fix them. The ACSC also provides a more entry-level service, with step-by-step instructions in pictures on its website for fixing weak spots in specific apps, software and devices.