Long hours spent staring at a computer screen editing assignments and creating compelling social content is something Maskit Mati is all too familiar with. As a final year film and television student at Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology, Maskit has had her eye on the Logitech Casa Pop-up Desk – a laptop stand complete with a keyboard (Casa Keys) and touchpad (Casa Touch) – for a while. Sick of complaining about her bad posture to friends and family after long stints working on her laptop, the 20-year-old couldn’t wait to see if the portable laptop stand fit her on-the-go uni and content creating lifestyle.

“I’m excited for this because I tend to work from home most of the time, editing videos,” she says. Whether using it to work from home, at uni, a cafe or outdoors, this bit of kit could be just what you need for your own set-up. Here, Maskit gives her Logitech Casa Pop-up Desk review. 

Everything You Need to Manage Your Workload

“We have got literally everything we need for set-up. We’ve got the Casa Keys (wireless keyboard), the Casa Touch (wireless touchpad), then the stand. The keyboard is slim and compact enough that I can carry it with me and bring it to places, but it’s not too small that I can’t type. You want to be able to type and not make typos. You just need your laptop [to put on it]. I love it.”

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A picture of the Logitech Casa laptop stand closed with the Casa Keys (wireless keyboard) and Casa Touch (wireless touchpad) sitting alongside it on a white table.

Compact and Lightweight for On-The-Go

“This [Logitech Casa] is sleek and very compact. It’s actually really cute. I love the colour and design. I feel like a boss woman bringing her set-up everywhere! I can imagine just bringing this with me to uni or a cafe – it won’t be too heavy in my bag. It’s also super sturdy. The laptop stand is 1.2 kilos [and] it holds laptop sizes from 10 to 17 inches [that weigh] up to 7.5 kilos*.”

Set Up and Use it Anywhere

“For the longest time, I’ve wanted to go to a co-working space because I feel more motivated… but I don’t want to be paying heaps of money for a dedicated desk. Now, I can take my new set-up and go to work at hot desks. This is so easy to set up. I’m going to use this at the cafe and uni, too.”

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Content creator Maskit Mati demonstrating how to put the closed Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk on a white bookshelf next to a mirror showing her reflection.

Stable Under Hand

“The keyboard [also] has rubber on the back so it does not slip when you are typing – it stays in one spot, which I think is really cool. The touchpad is super smooth thanks to its silky glass surface.

Another cool feature is the silicone band [on the outside] to ensure that all the compartments don't slip out [when packed away].”

Extra Storage Compartment

“What I love is that everything fits into [a] compact case. You can fit other things [besides the Casa Keys and Casa Touch] into the case like a pen or some notes that you have. That's really great. There are so many compartments that are available [for storage], which makes it really easy to transport and take with me anywhere.”

Content creator Maskit Mati using the Logitech Casa Pop-up Desk with her her own laptop on a white table in her dining room.

Review: Maskit Mati’s Verdict

“I have had some serious issues with my back [from editing my videos]. Once set up, the Pop-up Desk puts the screen at eye level which is great for my posture. And it’s super easy to use on the go. One of the best things about it is you can fold it up to look like a stylish hardback book cover that I can put on my desk or on my shelf. I love it. This is such a wonderful set-up.”

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