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With the wide range of MacBooks available in Australia, it can be confusing picking the right one for your needs. Our MacBook Buying Guide helps you compare the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to see which one will best suit your requirements.

Useful Information

Which Macbook is right for you?


The right MacBook for your student journey depends on the type of classes you’re taking in school or university. For classes in visual design and video applications, the 16” or 14” MacBook Pro are powerful BYOD options, with the M1 Chip providing high-quality performance and the long-lasting battery life supporting you throughout those long classes. For subjects that require less CPU-heavy programs like word-applications, a MacBook Air or 13” MacBook Pro will suit your tasks in a swift manner, while providing a much more compact size you can easily slide into your backpack.


When purchasing a MacBook for work, you should look at what is going to compliment your workstation at the office, and at home. The 16” MacBook Pro providing a large screen so you can immerse in your tasks throughout the day, with the M1 Chip handling all your multi-tasking with speed. The 14” MacBook Pro is also a good option, as the smaller size makes it easier to take to meetings.


While MacBook’s are great for work, they are also an optimal companion for your free time. If you’re looking a purchasing one for use like streaming media and web browsing, the MacBook Air is a suitable option, as it provides efficient performance with the M1 Chip, while its thin, lightweight design makes it easy to take from your desk to the couch. If your planning to use your MacBook for applications such as gaming or learning a new skill like video-editing or music production, the 14 or 16” MacBook Pro will ensure you can enjoy these ventures in the highest of quality.

Compare MacBooks

There are many things you should consider when purchasing your first MacBook. This includes size, performance, and storage needs.

On The Go

For creativity and work on your daily commute, the 14” MacBook Pro provides benefit in terms of its easily transportable size, that doesn’t sacrifice on the vibrance of the Liquid Retina Display. It also has a battery life that can last up to 17 years, allowing portable use throughout the whole day. Alternatively, there’s the MacBook Air, a more budget-friendly option which provides a thinner, lighter experience, making it easy to get out of your bag no matter where you are.

Storage Requirements

Choosing a storage size depends on the way you use your MacBook Pro. If you plan to store many applications, games, and files, both the 14 and 16” MacBook Pros come in a 1TB option, allowing you to keep all your important files locally accessible. There’s also a 512 GB size, which suits perfectly for those only needing a set number of programs and files readily available for school or work, while still leaving room for a videos and pictures. For those who primarily use cloud storage or internet browser-based applications, the 256GB MacBook Air provides plenty of space if needed, without having to go over-budget on storage that isn’t required.


MacBook provide a catalyst for your creativity, and the different versions compliment which form yours comes in.

For those who work in the realm of video editing, sound design, animation, and other power-needing avenues of work, the 16” MacBook Pro is the most relevant option, as it allows you to take advantage of the M1 Chip and powerful processors to run your graphics-intensive programs smoothly.

For things like video-editing, website design, and other more basic forms of visual work, the 14” inch MacBook Pro provides the power needed for quick, stutter-free productivity that you can fit in a case or bag on the go.

Those who simply need swift browser-based performance or word-applications for work or school, the MacBook Air will ensure your needs are met in a streamlined manner, with a compact design ensuring that it’s easy to approach a task at any time, in any place.

Macbook Pro 16 Inch

Macbook Pro 16 Inch

The MacBook Pro is a portable, yet powerful work machine. Equipped with the Apple M1 Chip and powerful processors, it provides a fast experience for video-editing, sound design, animation, and almost any other form of productivity. The stunning Liquid XDR Retina Display ensures your visuals are vibrant, while the array of pro ports ensures you have the connectivity needed to optimise your workstation.

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Macbook Pro 14 Inch

The MacBook Pro 14” provides the performance needed for pro users, packaged in a compact casing you can take on the go. Enjoy photo editing, games, and more with the M1 Chip and powerful processors, as well as the vibrancy of the Liquid XDR Retina Display. It has a Backlit Magic keyboard for typing visibility no matter where you are, and an array of ports ready for workstation optimisation.

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MacBook Pro 13 inch with M1 Chip

MacBook Pro 13 inch with M1 Chip

Enjoy powerful performance in its most compact form with this MacBook Pro. The 13” design makes it easy to fit in your bag on the go, with the M1 chip providing 2 x 8 more processing power and 5 x faster graphics compared to older models. This is supported by a battery life of up to 20 hours, so you can work over long durations from almost anywhere.

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MacBook Pro 16 inch (Intel Processor)

Approach your work with power with this MacBook Pro. Boasting a 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, you can boot up a myriad of applications with stutter-free swiftness. Plus, with a backlit Magic Keyboard, you can enjoy visible and comfortable typing at any time.

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MacBook Pro 16 inch (Intel Processor)
MacBook Air 13.3 inch with M1 Chip

MacBook Air 13.3 inch with M1 Chip

These versatile touchscreen devices combine the fun of the tablet when you want it with the performance of a laptop when you need it. 2 in 1 Laptops often feature a detachable screen or a 360-degree hinge, allowing you to alternate between standing the device up and laying it flat on a surface.

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MacBook Pro 13 inch with Intel processor

This MacBook Pro is built for everyday work. Coming in a compact 13” size powered by an Intel dual-core processor, it’s a companion that can be used for completing tasks and assignments from the comfort of your desk, or on your daily commute. Plus, it has a battery life of up to 10 hours, so you can enjoy working from a variety of locations.

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MacBook Pro 13 inch with Intel processor
MacBook Accessories

MacBook Accessories

Along with your new MacBook, there are a variety of accessories available. There’s MagSafe Power Adaptors for charging, sleeves for padded protection, mounts for finding your optimal viewing angle, and more to enhance your productivity. With accessories, you can create a complete workstation.

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Things to Consider

Key Features

Apple has introduced some impressive features for certain MacBook models. Here’s what they mean.

M1 Chip

With the aim for efficiency, the M1 chip marks the first Apple-designed chip for use in MacBooks. It integrates different functions in your machine, including the CPU, GPU, RAM, and more to boost speed across the board.

Retina Display

Retina Display refers to screens that have a stunning resolution and pixel density that’s so high you can’t discern pixels at a normal viewing distance. You’ll see super sharp text and incredibly realistic images.

Display Types

Different types of display technologies will affect the colour, brightness and overall visuals of your screen. The three common display types are TN, IPS, and OLED. TN is the standard, entry-level display type suitable for basic tasks, but not for editing photos or videos or playing games. IPS offers better viewing angles and more vibrant colours than TN panels. OLED is the newest technology and features true colours and deep blacks. With OLED, you get perfect image quality from every angle.

Touch Bar

The Touch Bar is a touch-enabled screen placed on the keyboard to replace function keys and enable instant access to different functions, depending on the application you’re currently using.

Force Touch Trackpad

Force Touch trackpads are more sensitive to pressure and have more capabilities than the traditional trackpad. You’ll see different options based on the application you’re using and the amount of pressure you apply.


This input/output (I/O) technology connects devices to your computer through a single port. Look for a lightning symbol next to or above the port on your MacBook to confirm you have a Thunderbolt port. All MacBook laptops beyond 2013 have Thunderbolt ports. The latest version, Thunderbolt 3, connects devices to your laptop at speeds up to 40 Gbps, giving you incredibly fast data transfers.


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