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The Best Christmas Gifts for Dad


| By Alex Greig | October 27, 2020

We’ve found the best Christmas gifts for Dad, from the latest tech gadgets to personalised barbecue tools.

From the unique to the personalised: the best Christmas gifts for Dad

Dads come in many varieties, but they’re all equally tricky to buy gifts for. If you’re struggling to think of cool Christmas gifts for dad that say, “I’m a thoughtful and loving child”, we’re here to help. This list has something for every dad, whether he’s an outdoorsy type, a tech nerd or a craft beer enthusiast. So get shopping – and trust us, he doesn’t need any more socks.

A Camera to Film His Most Daring Exploits

Imagine if Spartacus had had a GoPro Hero8 Action Camera? Or Marco Polo? We’re not saying Dad’s fishing trip or mountain-bike ride is heroic – or even particularly interesting – but with this piece of machinery, there’s the possibility of epic footage. It’s waterproof to 10 metres, has three microphones designed to reduce wind noise and eight times slow motion capability.

A Fitness Tracker to Support New Year’s Resolutions

There are fitness trackers that monitor the basics: heart rate, steps taken, distance travelled. Then there’s the Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Watch, which is more of a life hack than a fitness aid. The sleek accessory tracks stats such as stress, sleep and kilojoules consumed and expended and has in-built Amazon Alexa for quick info (or just a friendly chat). Dads can also access Fitbit’s on-screen workouts and with the Fitbit Pay system, he can leave his wallet at home.

A Portable Party-Starter

Heavy on the bass yet super-compact, Sony’s Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker will become Dad’s companion during camping trips, handyman sessions in the garage and fishing jaunts with mates. It’s waterproof, dust-proof and pretty hardy, so even if Dad drops it as he’s hauling up a monster barra, it’ll keep pumping those tunes.

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The best personalised drinking and barbecue gifts for Dad this Christmas

A Personalised Bottle Opener

Useful and succinct, this bottle opener makes an excellent companion gift to a monogrammed beer glass (see below). Have Dad’s name engraved so there’s no confusion as to who needs a beer – and whose bottle gets opened first. Its sleek design means it fits easily into a back pocket. (Hot Tip: Allow 7-10 business days for personalised items)

A Barbecue Tool with Something to Say

Something happens to men when they become dads. They tend to get really into their hobbies: refining their home brew, perfecting their golf swing, lovingly polishing their model car collection. If your dad’s thing is mastering the art of the grill, buy him this excellent stainless steel barbecue tool. It has a serrated edge, a bottle-opener and plenty of space for your personal message. Consider a reminder: “Dad, Check the Sausages!”

Monogrammed Beer Glasses

Dads will know just how appreciated they are as they partake in a coldie or a home brew in a special glass made just for them. And the cocktail hour – make that beer o’clock – ritual will be that much more satisfying. Choose either classic conical shape or brasserie-style, then devise a personalised message. We like “Pop’s Hops”, or perhaps “Cure What Ales You”!

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A Deck of Personalised Playing Cards

The best personalised drinking and barbecue gifts for Dad this Christmas

Look at it this way: it might make it harder for Dad to defeat you at snap if he has to slap your sweet little face every time he does. You could put any photo on these cards but we reckon one of Dad with his kids is the best bet.

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A New Personal Assistant

The best personalised drinking and barbecue gifts for Dad this Christmas

“Hey Google, turn on the TV, turn out the lights and get me a beer!” Okay, so it might take Dad a minute to get the hang of his new Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation, but once he does, he’ll be hooked. This clever device can play music and podcasts, control compatible smart objects at home such as lights and appliances, set alarms and cue up Netflix – all via voice command. It can’t retrieve beer from the fridge – yet.

And Other Best Christmas Gifts for Dad....

A Barista-Style Coffee Every Morning

2020 will be remembered as the great work-from-home migration, as office workers hung up their suits and set to work in studies, lounge rooms and kitchens around the nation. If your dad’s one of them, chances are he’s missed his barista. With this topnotch Lavazza Jolie Plus Milk Coffee Machine, Dad can make a new morning ritual, extracting the perfect shot of espresso (it’s a capsule machine so he can’t mess it up) and topping it with freshly frothed milk.

A Reading Light for Night Owls

If reading long into the wee hours is one of Dad’s favourite things, do his bedmate a favour and add one of these book lights to his Santa stash. It’s portable, with a flexible arm and neck, and the bright LED light will illuminate the reading material rather than the room.

A Custom-Framed Photo

We all have smartphones and clouds brimming with photographic memories, but somehow most of us never seem to get around to having any of them printed. Go through Dad’s archive and find a special photo or two and have it printed and custom framed, ready to hang in pride of place.

Special Sign for Home or Work

Dads can be territorial. It’s likely there’s a special part of the house that’s his domain: the shed, for example, or the home office. Let Dad mark his dominion with this black slate sign. It comes in a variety of fonts and designs, making it easy to create a fitting welcome to Dad’s home (Chez Sean), holiday shack (Chez Sean-by-the-Shore), man cave (Sean’s Shelter) or business (Sean’s Shop).

A Gadget to Transform His Smartphone Into a Real Camera

Phone cameras these days are pretty incredible, but they can’t quite top a real DSLR camera. This Black Eye Kodak Smartphone Photography Set, though, comes pretty close. It has a 100-degree ultra-wide lens for wide shots and a 15-times macro lens for close-ups, helping Dad create professional-looking photos without having to lug around photography equipment. The lenses clip over your smartphone’s camera.