We work from our desks more than we sit on our lounges, so having a space that’s not only practical but makes you feel good during your workday keeps the creativity and productivity flowing. The backbone of any workspace is the desk, and simply refreshing your office desk accessories can work wonders. Using the new Lofoten desk, we showcase how one desk forms the foundation to three different on-trend looks, big on style and functionality. Which look will you choose?

1. Bold & Bright

A gif series showcasing office desk accessories including a rust-coloured chair, white clock, gold task lamp, gold book ends and an acrylic desk organised on red and pink backgrounds.

A renewed appreciation for mid-century and vintage styles teamed with retro hues has swept through interiors and is a great look for a stimulating, personality-filled desktop. Think simple lines, cool curves, pops of colour, classic shapes, metal accents and a few floral flourishes with a nod to nostalgia. When it comes to office desk accessories in this look, restraint is key to achieving a modern retro-inspired finish. Focus on a few hero items to keep clutter minimal. 

Start by selecting one focal colour or two complementary tones and build the look around these hues. It might be deep red and pink jewel tones or pretty confection-toned pastels. 

What You’ll Need

Storage & stationery With a clear palette in mind, ensure every element you choose, including storage and stationery, fits the scheme. Clear acrylic organisers and colourful file holders reflect a fun retro feel, while a touch of gold will add a sense of sophistication. 

Decorative items For a modern take on a ’60s or ’70s vibe, incorporate a variety of materials and finishes that provide interest and depth. Consider corkboard, terrazzo, gold and marble objects. 

Lighting Table lamps in sculptural shapes are a hallmark of retro style. One suitable for task lighting doubles as a statement art piece.  

Chair Complete the look with an ergonomic office chair beautifully upholstered in timeless leather, soft velvet or a colour to fit your scheme, such as a sophisticated rust shade. 

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2. Calming Neutrals

A gif series showcasing office accessories including white book ends, tan and white vases, white drawers, a white pair of Beats headphones and a brown chair on neutral-coloured backgrounds.‍

If you work at a hectic pace, the perfect remedy is a desk which instils calm. The best way to create a peaceful zone is with muted neutral, natural tones and textures. Go-to colours include shades of white, beige, taupe, cream and tan married with feel-good materials and surfaces such as rattan, timber, leather, wicker, bamboo and brushed brass. 

Steer away from matchy office desk accessories and instead opt for pieces that create layers of contrasting texture and warmth.  

What You’ll Need

Storage & stationery A serene workspace needs to be supremely organised. Keep all paperwork filed away and store odds and ends in an enclosed storage box. Try a rattan desk organiser or a landscape two-drawer bamboo cabinet which can be used to add height to elevate your laptop for a more ergonomic set-up. Keep stationery understated in muted colours and recycled paper. 

Decorative items Create a homey feel with vases in varying organic shapes and sizes. A scented candle or diffuser will infuse the space with a tranquil aroma. A leather mouse pad not only feels great but will complement the natural vibe.  

Lighting Beautiful lighting can be a mood lifter and provide the perfect illumination for work tasks. A simple white task light will blend into the background, whereas a more rustic finish, like a rattan lampshade, will add visual appeal.  

Chair Choose leather in a warm tan shade to complement the natural colours and textures featured elsewhere in your workspace.

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3. Green Space

A gif series of office desk accessories including an artificial plant in a white pot, a magazine file, a green chair, green pen cup and green lamp of a light green background.‍

This look is inspired by biophilic design, an enduring interior trend which centres around the importance nature plays in our wellbeing and it’s a concept which can be applied to a home office makeover. Bringing a sense of the outdoors to your desk items can take many guises – whether it’s orienting the desk to look out a window, displaying scenic photographic prints, introducing plants or adding layers of green. 

What You’ll Need

Storage & stationery For a serene sanctuary feel, stick with an all-green theme and select varying tonal shades (mint, olive, sage, jade or deep forest green) for these items. Greens with a yellow undertone will have a warmer, cosier feel, while cooler greens are refreshing. 

Decorative items Real plants are ideal, but faux options provide a maintenance-free alternative. To place nature at the fore, print your favourite landscape or scenic snap onto canvas through Print & Create and hang at eye level, or display your own scenic snaps on a pinboard. 

Lighting A slim wireless charging lamp will reduce cord clutter, while colour blocking with a lamp such as the Hamable Desk Lamp in Sage will continue the sea of green. 

Chair A comfortable ergonomic chair will put you at ease, so choose a chair you can adjust to suit your preferences and opt for a feel-good material like leather or velvet. 

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