For one night only in March 2022, Officeworks Chadstone transformed into a giant creative studio for a lucky few creatives to roam free. Their task? To create something impressive, using only what they could find in-store.  

Hosted by FlexMami, with judges Beci Orpin and Darren Sylvester, the inaugural Officeworks Create-a-thon invited creatives of all ages, disciplines, backgrounds and interests to start something, with $25,000 on offer for the most impressive creation.  

Creatives across the nation applied for the chance to be part of the all-night event, submitting a 60-second video outlining their big idea. On the night, there were four teams, each with two contestants, vying for the cash prize. The only criteria for the final creation? It had to be made from products found instore at Officeworks Chadstone.  

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If you think that means pens and paper only, think again. Instore there is a wide range of products to spark imagination: paints, pastels, charcoals, modelling clay, ribbons and twine, bunting, myriad colours of washi tape, markers and paint markers, wooden letters and stencils, easels and canvases and more. Even furniture and tech was fair game. Plus, contestants could also utilise Officeworks’ renowned Print & Copy services, opening up even more avenues for unbridled creativity. 

Judges based their decision on three key factors: ‘Originality of Idea’, ‘Skill and Level of Finish’ and ‘Use of Materials and Supplies’. 

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Meet the Create-a-thon Host and Judges 

Create-a-thon Host: Flex Mami 

Entrepreneur, author and social commentator Flex Mami, who launched The Flex Factory, was the Create-a-thon host.

One of the most charismatic Australians on the internet, Lillian Ahenkan, aka Flex Mami, is a woman of many talents – a podcaster, TV presenter, DJ and author – and incredibly passionate about creating. Her enthusiasm for creativity, entrepreneurial ideas and pioneering a future as a leading digital creative makes her the perfect host for a competition as inspiring as the overnight Create-a-thon. 

Check out Flex Mami’s Instagram and website.

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Create-a-thon Judge: Beci Orpin

Judge Beci Orpin has been a part of the Melbourne creative scene for more than a decade.

Illustrator, designer, creator and crafter, Beci Orpin has a keen eye for detail and a flair for fun; her work is all about colour and optimism. Her creative use of geometric designs has become instantly recognisable as her work regularly appears across the city of Melbourne in collaboration with some of the country’s most respected brands across many different industries. 

Check out Beci Orpin’s Instagram and website.

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Create-a-thon Judge: Darren Sylvester

Create-a-thon judge and Melbourne artist Darren Sylvester’s work is influenced by pop culture.

Darren Sylvester has carved out an impressive career across sculpture, installation, photography, video, performance and music. His work always changes materials and mediums, be it in steel, soft furnishings, set buildings, neon windows or staged photography. Darren always endeavours to uncover connections and clues between cultural moments and artefacts by looking closely at high and low culture, the nature of authenticity, desirability and mortality.  

Check out Darren Sylvester’s Instagram and website.