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How to Create A Homemade Mother’s Day Card with 3D Flowers


| By Alexis Teasdale | April 20, 2020

Don’t buy mum a card; get the kids to make one! A thoughtful, homemade Mother’s Day card is a gift in itself. The bonus? These 3D flowers will last forever.

Candles, perfume, chocolates, slippers – store-bought items are great gifts for Mother’s Day (as is a treat like breakfast in bed), but don’t forget the heartwarming feeling she’ll get from a homemade card. This 3D flowers keepsake is something she’ll treasure: real flowers wilt, but this bunch of blooms will last. Follow our instructions to create the best homemade Mother’s Day card, step by step.

Handmade card: Mother's Day card design idea with 3D flowers

Step 1: Fold Your Mother’s Day Card Base

How to create a homemade Mother’s Day card with 3D flowers

To get started on your homemade Mother’s Day card, create the base of the card using coloured craft paper or cardboard, folded in half.

Step 2: Cut out Flower Shapes from Crepe Paper

Mother’s Day card crafting project with crepe paper

The next step in this card crafting project is to get the kids to cut brightly coloured crepe paper to make enough petal shapes for four or five flowers, to put aside ready for step 5. Easy peasy!

Step 3: Create Stems by Twisting Paper

Easy paper craft for kids: How to create 3D flowers from tissue paper

Now make the flower ‘stems’. Get them started by cutting some green crepe or tissue paper into strips, then get them to roll the paper back and forth in their hands, twisting it into ‘stems’. Using crepe paper adds a lovely texture to the card and, because it can be a bit trickier to cut with scissors, it introduces another layer of complexity to help train kids’ fine motor skills.

Step 4: Scrunch & Roll the Flower Centres

Art and craft ideas for kids: Make your own Mother’s Day card

Next in this easy paper craft for kids is to cut some yellow and orange squares from crepe paper. Add a small drop of craft glue to each, then kids can scrunch and roll them into balls, using their palms. The glue will help the crepe paper hold its shape without it being too tight. This step in the Mother’s Day card design is a great sensory experience as well as providing fun-filled messy (but not too messy!) play.

Step 5: Shape & Attach the Flowers to Your Card

Arts and crafts to do at home: how to make paper flowers

Take each flower shape and give it a pinch in the centre so the edges of the petals have a slight curve. If you then give that pinched part a little twist, it will give the ‘petals’ enough of a point to add some glue to, then press down firmly onto their DIY card base.

Step 6: Stick on the Stems

How to make handmade cards: Mother’s Day card with 3D flowers

Once the kids have pinched and glued all the crepe paper flowers into place on their card, it’s time to stick on the stems. Place one just under the middle of each flower and let it dangle down.

Step 7: Attach the Centres to Complete the 3D Flowers

Homemade Mother’s Day card: finishing tissue paper flowers

The finishing touch to the homemade Mother’s Day card is to attach the flower centres with some glue and leave to dry. And, voila! Your Mother's Day card design is now complete. All that's left is to get your little one to write a message to let Mum know how special she is.

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