Making a positive difference to our communities

We are committed to supporting the communities where our customers and team members live and work.

We encourage our stores to get involved with groups and projects that work to improve children's education, health and wellbeing and help support local community groups.

Local community support

Officeworks is always looking for community organisations and events to support at a local level. We offer BBQs for fundraising, donations (primarily through giving products, Officeworks gift cards) as well as offering team member time. To ensure we have a clear direction, we prioritise supporting the following categories:


Activities that support educational opportunities eg. schools, clubs, scouts and guide groups.

Environmental Sustainability

Activities that are committed to positive environmental changes eg. recycling programs or charities.


Activities that enhance the way our local community works ventures. eg. aged-care centres or not-for-profit.

Health and wellbeing

Activities that encourage healthy and active living, particularly for children eg. sporting clubs or team events.

We offer support to our communities on three different levels

1. Sausage Sizzle Fundraising Service (At available stores)

If you need assistance to raise funds and you're a not for profit community group, running a sausage sizzle fundraiser would be a great way to raise money and create awareness about your community group.

To apply to use your local Officeworks store barbeque and learn more about this service, please enquire at your local store. To find your nearest store, utilise our Store locator.

2. Local donations

As our teams live and work in their local communities, they are best placed to make a decision about how they support their local community. So please get in touch with your local Officeworks store to discuss your opportunity.

To apply for a local store donation, simply provide a letter outlining your request, on formal letterhead, to the Store Business Manager.

Your request needs to include the following details:

  • Who you are. Describe your organisation's goals and activities.
  • Why we should get involved.
  • Key details of your sponsorship/donation request.
  • Timelines and any important deadlines.
  • List of sponsors you have to date (if any).
  • Relevant contact details.

Please note, the store may not be in a position to help in the exact way that you have requested, but all applications are carefully considered and stores will do their very best to assist in some way.

To find your nearest store, please utilise our Store locator.

3. National or State based organisations

If your organisation operates at a national or state level, we will consider this request, in line with our national partnerships strategy, at Officeworks Support Office.

Please submit your written proposal with the following details to the Officeworks National Partnerships Coordinator;

  • Who you are – please describe your organisation's visions, short and long term goals, key team members, target markets, etc.
  • Why we should get involved.
  • How your requests fits with our brand.
  • Key details of your sponsorship request.
  • Timelines and any important deadlines.
  • List of sponsors you have to date.
  • Creative ideas on how sponsoring you will connect with our target markets.
  • Relevant contact details.

The Officeworks National Partnerships Coordinator will notify you regarding your request within two weeks.
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Send your proposal to

Attn: National Partnerships Coordinator
Officeworks National Support Office
PO Box 513,
East Bentleigh,
VIC 3165

Or Email your proposal to the National Partnerships Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National Programs and Partnerships

At Officeworks, we're genuine and passionate about community involvement. Here are just a few of our exciting community programs that are implemented nationwide across our entire store network.

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Officeworks Back to School Appeal – The Smith Family

The Smith Family is Officeworks’ National Partner and we share a strong mutual belief in the importance of education. We are committed to helping The Smith Family achieve its goal of ensuring that every child has the school supplies they require for the school year.

The 2016 Appeal raised more than $100,000 for The Smith Family, through the sale of stationery shaped donation cards in our stores.

Learn more about The Smith Family
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Wall of Hands – The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

At Officeworks, we support students of all ages and locations around Australia by providing the tools to help them succeed. Our team members have the knowledge and advice to assist our customers with all their educational needs and we work with schools to build strong partnerships and help with fundraising.

In celebration of International Literacy Day in September each year, Officeworks supports the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation’s (ALNF) ‘Wall of Hands’ initiative by asking the local communities to ‘raise their hand for literacy’ in store at Officeworks. In September 2015, we raised more than $83,000 to help the ALNF implement its life-changing literacy programs in marginalised communities.

You can help by joining our ‘Wall of Hands’ in store this September or by making a donation at the checkout when purchasing online.

Learn more about The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation
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ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day - RSL

Giving back to the communities in which we operate is important to all of our team members. During November and April, we support the RSL by selling badges in store to raise valuable funds for the veterans.

We have supported the RSL for more than six years by selling ANZAC Day badges throughout April and poppy pins during November for Remembrance Day. The valuable funds raised are used by the RSL to help support veterans, retired soldiers and their families.

Learn more about The RSL