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Kids Lab Equipment

Fandex Real Working Stethoscope The Fandex Real Working Stethoscope lets you listen to the sound of a heartbeat. It's ideal for fun and educational use in the classroom. Fandex Digital Microscope The Fandex Digital Microscope offers optical magnification so you can discover tiny insects and other specimens. It has an LED light source for clarity and you can transfer the images you take to your desktop via USB. Fandex Deluxe Microscope Set This Fandex Deluxe Microscope is perfect for early learners who are discovering new ways of looking at things. The microscope provides between 100 and 1200 times magnification, allowing budding scientists to inspect a variety of samples on the included blank slides.
Fandex Real Working Stethoscope
Fandex Digital Microscope
Fandex Deluxe Microscope Set