Finding the perfect teacher gift can be a challenge, but we’ve found plenty of inspiration for you, from personalised teacher gifts to simple DIY options. You don’t have to spend much to find something that is both practical and personal that will make teachers feel valued, either. Public school teachers must declare gifts over $50, so our guide has made things easy for you with these ideas all coming in at $25 or less. 

Best Teacher Gifts for Preschool Teachers and Early Childhood Educators

A gif series of the best end-of-year teacher gifts for preschool and early childhood educators

No parent could make it work – or make it to work – without hard-working early childhood educators. Who hasn’t felt a rush of gratitude as a little one happily goes to a beloved educator so you can rush off to work? Say thanks for caring with these thoughtful end-of-year teacher gift ideas.

Personalised Tote Library Bag – Calico Teachers’ hands are always full – we’re talking craft supplies, stickers, pens and pencils, story books. A good tote is non-negotiable. Give a favourite educator this personalised tote to make all that hauling a little sweeter. 

Google Play Gift Card $20 Working with little people all day is both fulfilling and mentally taxing. With a Google Play voucher, educators can buy apps, movies, games, books and more so they’ll be able to unwind and focus on themselves for a while. 

Thankyou Hand Sanitiser Botanical Grapefruit 500mL When working with small children, having something to combat germs on hand is a must. Educators accustomed to industrial-strength hand sanitisers would appreciate this pH-balanced antibacterial hand sanitiser that has a fresh grapefruit scent.

Allen's Classic Jelly Beans 1kg Never underestimate the value of a mid-afternoon sugar hit when energy is flagging. This jumbo pack will get your teacher (and their colleagues) through a crazy day.

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Best Teacher Gifts for Primary School Teachers

A gif series of the best end-of-year teacher gifts for primary school educators

Pupils who had the benefit of a wonderful primary school teacher never forget them. Let teachers of young kids and preteens know the big difference they’ve made with a gift of thanks this festive season. And, who better to give us some tips on the perfect gift than a teacher themselves? Kindergarten educator Nicole Demovic shares what makes a gift extra special. 

Sasco Deluxe Desk Planner 2024 Teachers may prefer a paper planner rather than an online version to keep track of student progress, plan lessons and activities, as well as reminding themselves of special events at school. This one features a month-to-view format and 12-month reference, with plenty of space for notes and appointments.

Kadink A6 Wooden Photo Frame Personalise this photo frame by having your child decorate it for an extra-special gift for your primary school teacher. A framed photo of a teacher with a student or the whole class is a beautiful reminder of the year past, and one that teachers can put up in their classroom and add to with more photos as the years pass. This frame can be decorated by your child – set out paints and craft items and let them at it to make this extra-special gift. 

Otto Terrazzo Pot with Succulent Plant An artificial plant will brighten up any classroom (or home) without teachers having to remember to water it. 

Personalised Drink Bottle There are only so many coffee cups a teacher can have. “I saw a meme recently of a teacher drowning in mugs and it’s true!” says Nicole. This white aluminium bottle is a great alternative and can be personalised with a name and photo. Cute.

Kadink Cards and Envelopes White 10 Pack “One thing that makes me so happy is a homemade card, especially from the kindies,” Nicole shares. “It’s so sweet.” With these blank cards, kids can decorate the front and write a heartfelt message inside. 

Personalised Ornament If your teacher loves the holiday season, create a sweet personalised ornament to hang on their tree or even decorate the classroom with.

Personalised BBQ Tool We’re about to hit summer, so an engraved barbecue tool will get a lot of use. It’s also the ideal gift for the teacher who loves to be on the grill for a sausage sizzle or a fete day.

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Best Teacher Gifts for High School Teachers

A gif series of the best end-of-year teacher gifts for secondary educators

It’s not necessary to organise gifts for all your child’s high school teachers. But if there’s a teacher who really made a difference to their year, why not share the love? If you ask high school science teacher James Green, he says a little intention goes a long way. 

Maltesers Bucket 465g “I am always happy to receive chocolate,” says James. “As a public high school teacher you don’t often get gifts from kids but when I’ve received chocolates, it’s really made my day.”

Officeworks Gift Card Blue Pin $20 Many teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies. An Officeworks gift card means they’ll be able to stock up on essentials without having to dip into their own hard-earned savings. 

Uni Jetstream Rollerball Pen 1.0mm 4 Pack Sure, there are computers but teachers still need pens, especially for marking. Fancy pens are always welcome, especially since they have a tendency to disappear in the classroom. 

Lake Press Cards to Inspire Motivate Box Set Help inject positive energy into a classroom with this set of affirmation cards, designed to motivate and inspire. Teachers can have a student pick a card daily to set the tone, such as “Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”

Otto A5 Undated Teachers’ Planner A planner is the teacher’s right hand throughout the year, motivating them to create lesson plans, highlight goals and journal. You can add a handwritten dedication on the first page to personalise it.

Otto + Zowie A5 Notebooks Sea 64 Page 3 Pack There’s no such thing as too many notebooks.This cute A5 notebook trio is great for everyday use, from note-taking to lesson planning ideas. Plus, when you buy this or the following two Otto + Zowie items, 50 cents from each sale goes to support the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. 

Otto + Zowie Gel Pens Earth 4 Pack Whether they’re taking notes or marking papers, these pens are a handy addition to your teacher’s stationery set. Perfect on their own or make it a full set and gift them alongside a set of notebooks.

Otto Zowie Mouse Pad Earth Designed by Indigenous artist Zowie Baumgart, this pad will bring some comfort and style to their online lessons. 

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Best Teacher Gifts for Your Child's Favourite Teacher

A year advisor, principal or extra-special mentor deserves to know how much they’ve meant to your child this year. What is a meaningful gift for educators? Try these four.

6 X 8" Personalised Hard Cover Book A photo book filled with memories of the year is something teachers will look back on in years to come and remember the young lives they had an impact on. This one can be personalised with text, borders and backgrounds. 

DIY merit award A little bit of recognition goes a long way. Have your child write up a special merit award for a favourite teacher detailing why their teacher is so great (while adding a bit of humour and fun): “Awarded to Ms Taylor, for always being kind, handing out lots of stickers, and knowing that TikTok isn’t a clock!”

Petit Collage Charades for Kids “Something we’ll always keep is a gift for the classroom,” says Nicole. This fun charades game is designed for kids three and up and has 50 different cards for kids to act out. 

Personalised Book Labels These labels are completely customisable. Teachers can add them to their books and other items to make sure nothing accidentally walks out of the classroom door.