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Specialty & Coin Battery Guide

Coin or button cell batteries and other specialty batteries are available in various brands and sizes, and they don’t always have the same name or code. Our handy guide shows you the most common specialty batteries available and the devices they are suitable for.

Hearing Aid Batteries

These specialty batteries are designed for hearing aid devices.

Energizer battery nameEquivalent batteries
AZ10 DA10, V230AT
AZ312E DA312, V312AT
AZ13E DA13

Specialty Batteries for Everyday Devices

These batteries are suitable for everyday devices, including calculators, electronic games and toys, keyless car remotes, wireless headsets, pedometers, glucose meters, heart rate monitors, ear thermometers, selfie sticks and more.

Energizer battery nameEquivalent batteries
A76 76A, LR44, V13GA
A23 MN21, LRV08, V23GA
A27 MN27, GP27A
ECR1616 DL1616, CR1616
ECR1620 DL1620, CR1620
ECR2016 DL2016, CR2016
ECR2025 DL2025, CR2025
ECR2032 DL2032, CR2032
E96 MX2500

Specialty Batteries for High-drain Devices

These batteries are suitable for products requiring high performance, such as digital cameras, night-vision goggles and torches.

Energizer battery nameEquivalent batteries
EL123 DL123, K123LA, CR17345, CR123A or VL123A
EL1CR2 CR2, DL245, K1CR2

Watch and Calculator Batteries

These batteries are ideal for use in watches and calculators.

Energizer battery nameEquivalent batteries
357/303 D303/357, SR44W, 10L14
364 D364, SR621SW
377 D377, SR626SW
392 D384/392, SR41W, 10L125

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