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10 Easy DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Try


| By Alexis Teasdale | November 13, 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the perfect chance for kids to embrace these easy and fun DIY Christmas crafts ideas.

The festive season is full of excitement; so much, in fact, children may need a little help to harness that extra energy as the holidays start. These easy DIY Christmas crafts for kids will keep little hands (and minds) busy, working their fine motor skills, inspiring their imagination and encouraging patience as the countdown to the Big Day begins. Best of all, their projects will add extra festive cheer to the whole house.

Hand Make an Advent Calendar

Easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids including a DIY Christmas tree Advent calendar

A fun project to start in November, as it may take a little while to complete, but they’ll get a whole 24 days of joy from it! Cover cardboard rolls in green paper or paint. Add a disc of cardboard to the bottom of the roll so they can fill it with goodies, and then top off with a disc of tissue paper (or something easily breakable) to seal the roll. Glue or tape the rolls together into the shape of a Christmas tree and add numbers 1-24 on the tissue paper top end. (Try printing the numbers onto paper and cutting them out.) You can even top the ‘tree’ with a ‘golden’ paper star. Hello, homemade Advent calendar! Perfect for children who love construction and engineering.

What You’ll Need

Create a Paper Christmas Tree Farm

Easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids: DIY Christmas tree farm table centrepiece decoration

Classic craft for kids of all ages, a paper cone can easily transform into a Christmas tree. Let their imaginations run wild with the decorations, using sticky gems or pom poms as baubles. The more trees they make, the better; you could have an entire Christmas tree ‘farm’ running down your dining table or across a mantelpiece. Or they can even transform their cone into an elf hat using felt and bells instead. Children will have to make a cone template, tracing it onto construction paper before cutting it out, folding and taping into the 3-D shape. While it’s a cinch after the first few attempts, this activity is actually a fantastic example of problem-solving for little minds.

What You’ll Need

Make a Garland of Gingerbread Men

Easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids: DIY gingerbread man paper garland

Like the paper dolls you made as a kid, only the Christmas version! This activity is an excellent chance for kids to work on their scissor skills: little hands may want to use kraft paper which is easier to cut (and gingerbread-colour!) or for a more hardy garland, coloured board will hang well in their room or over a mantelpiece. Simply fold the cardboard concertina-style, and either help children to sketch their gingerbread man or encourage them to have a go on their own, making sure the arms reach the folds so when you cut out and unfold, you have a row of gingerbread men. Then glue on buttons (try punching holes out of red paper) and draw on eyes and a smile. Tape together multiple pieces until you have a big, juicy garland.

What You’ll Need

Santa Napkin Rings for a Festive Lunch

Non-toxic glues will help bring your eco craft kit ideas to life.

If your Christmas lunch table needs a sprinkle of festive cheer, get the kids to make some napkin rings! All you need for these “Santa buckle” designs is paper or coloured board, scissors and a glue stick, making it mess-free but loads of fun. Bonus point is it works their dexterity too!

What To Try

A Handmade Holly Wreath for Their Door

Easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids: a DIY wreath decoration made from coloured card

The front door shouldn’t be the only one to receive Christmas love this year, why not encourage the kids to make DIY wreaths for their bedroom doors too? A paper plate makes a nice, sturdy base and cutting out cardboard holly sprigs and drawing on the veins is a fantastic way to work their fine motor skills and dexterity, not to mention lateral thinking, as they work out how to hide the paper plate under the holly leaves and pom pom berries. Finish off with a paper ribbon trim.

What To Try

Craft Your Own Christmas Hats

Easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids: DIY Christmas themed hats and headbands

Forget the flimsy paper crowns from Christmas crackers this year, and task your kids with making cool reindeer and santa headbands for the family. They can get as creative as they like with cardboard, googly eyes, pom poms and more. Even the antlers can be their very own hands traced onto board and cut out, making a cute keepsake.

What To Try

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Frame Photos With Pom Poms

Easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids: DIY pom pom frames and tree decorations

Not only will children love making their own pom pom photo frame but you can add to the fun by encouraging them to take the pic and print out the photo as well. Then it’s all about the basics: cardboard, glue and pom poms, plus a little string if they want to turn it into a tree decoration. Tracing a small bowl and mug onto kraft board is a great way to get a solid ‘doughnut’ shape base, then the pom poms can be glued directly onto the cardboard. After the photo is placed behind the base, the left-over middle piece of the cardboard ‘doughnut’ can be attached back to the picture doughnut, holding in the picture.

What To Try

Dress the House With a Christmas Mobile

Easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids: DIY pom pom frames and tree decorations

Who knew a paper plate could be so pretty? With a bit of paint, a hole punch, string and some coloured cardboard, the humble plate can become a hanging Christmas mobile, and by adding some little tinkly bells, it makes a lovely wind chime too!

What To Try

DIY Air Dry Clay Decorations

Easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids: DIY pom pom frames and tree decorations

Air-dry clay is always a hit and although it’s a bit messier than paper crafts, it’s a fantastic way for kids to craft a whole afternoon away. There’s no need to bake this clay, you simply leave it in the sun to dry (summer is the ideal season), turning the decorations every now and then so they dry all the way through. Add toothpicks, old cutlery, a rolling pin and more to a “tool box” and then suggest they find cool botanicals, shells, paper doilies and more to press into their designs, adding texture and patterns.

What To Try

Whip up Washi Tape Cards

Easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids: DIY pom pom frames and tree decorations

Actually sending real Christmas cards in the mail is such a lovely example of community and kindness. What better way to explain this to our kids than to get them involved? With the simplest tools, cardboard and washi tape, have the children make heartfelt, homemade cards to send loved ones this year.

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