Apple Watch

Health and fitness tracking, music streaming from Apple Music, easy online shopping with Apple Pay, having questions answered and personal assistant automation accommodated with Siri – all available on your wrist. Not to mention GPS and mapping, texting making calls (without a phone*) and more. It’s all on Apple Watch. In the smartwatch realm, this is Apple’s iOS integrated device that outsold all the others upon first series launch in 2015. And it continues to bring style and value to people’s lives worldwide. *These watches can work in a complementary manner with an iPhone that has a data plan or work independently from an iPhone; the watch will work its own network plan for access to similar services. In the words of Apple’s Kevin Lynch, not being constantly tethered to your phone is “A little more human.” And worn by humans, they bring a whole new level of health and fitness awareness, data-driven goal setting and streamlined communications with friends and the world in general.

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