Material: Powder

From: $229.00

Your Mini Me will be created with Gypsum Powder. Powder printing is perfect for printing models and figurines as they can be printed in full 3D colour. These models are very detailed, however they are quite fragile and are not designed for everyday handling. 3D powder models are created by printing a binding material and coloured ink, layer by layer into a gypsum based powder.

Available Colours

Full colour


Visit the 3D Experience Centre

Map showing 3D Experience Centre on Mentone .

Bring an object or just yourself to our 3D Experience Centre at
3 Nepean Hwy, Mentone VIC 3194 and speak with one of our friendly Team Members in the 3D Experience Centre (

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Scan Yourself

Have your body scanned to create a mini version of yourself.

20 Mini Melbourne personalities

Tips for Getting a Great 3D Model

green tick Recommended

For best results wear bright clothing and keep accessories such as watches, hanging jewellery and other small/finely detailed accessories to a minimum.

red exclamation Avoid

Try to avoid black and other dark colours as they are harder to scan and 3D print.

Try to also avoid detailed textures (e.g. sequins), reflective materials (e.g. plastic and shiny leather) and transparent materials.

Avoid glasses.

Avoid wearing high heels as they may snap off.


Choose Model Size

Choose a small (height: 150mm), medium (height: 220mm) or large (height: 300mm) Mini Me model.

  • Mini Me Small Size
    SmallHeight: 150mm
  • Mini Me Medium Size
    MediumHeight: 220mm
  • Mini Me Large Size
    LargeHeight: 300mm
Powder $229.00 $449.00 $499.00
Scan Extras* (Optional) +$40.00 +$65.00 +$99.00

* Scan Extra can include a baby, small child, handbag or a similarly sized object.
Print & Copy Team Member will confirm whether an item is suitable as a scan extra.


Download Your Mini Me Model

Download model in OBJ file format

We'll email you when your Mini Me model file is ready to download.

A Mini Me model file typically takes between 4-7 days to produce, touch up and prepare.

Call the 3D Experience Centre on 1300 633 423 or email if you have difficulties accessing your download.


Pick Up Your Mini Me

We'll email you when your printed Mini Me model is ready to collect from our 3D Experience Centre (3 Nepean Hwy, Mentone VIC 3194).

Please allow 10 - 25 days for your Mini Me to be printed.

Call the 3D Experience Centre on (03) 8665 6400 or email if you have questions about your order.