3D Printing

Bring your own 3D model file to our 3D Experience Centre and we'll print it for you.


Save Your 3D Model File

Save your 3D model file on portable media, such as a USB key or CD/DVD, in one of three supported file formats (.OBJ, .STL or .WRL)

OBJ - Wavefront Technologies Object file Full colour printing
STL - Stereolithography file Single colour printing
WRL - Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) file Full colour printing


Visit the 3D Experience Centre

Map showing 3D Experience Centre on Russell Street near Little Lonsdale Street.

Bring an object or just yourself to our 3D Experience Centre at 271-275 Russell Street, Melbourne and speak with one of our friendly Team Members in the 3D Experience Centre (3DRussellSt@officeworks.com.au).

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Choose a Material & Colour

Choose from our range of printing materials and a colour option for your 3D print.

It is possible to print separate parts of your model using different materials and/or colours. Simply supply a separate 3D model file for each piece.


PLA is a biodegradable thermos plastic that is light weight and is a good choice when wanting to print large models as it holds its shape well during the cooling process. Derived from natural renewable resources makes it an environmentally friendly choice. A wide range of colours are available.

Available Colours

Black Blue Blue - Translucent
Green - Translucent Orange Orange - Translucent
Purple - Translucent Red Silver
Yellow White  


Paper printing is a full colour paper option where pre-printed paper is cut and glued into shape. The 3D paper printing option is sturdier than the 3D powder printing option however you do sacrifice the detail of the print. As this model is made from paper it shouldn’t be exposed to water.

Available Colours



Powder printing is perfect for printing models and figurines as they can be printed in full 3D colour. These models are very detailed, however they are quite fragile and are not designed for everyday handling. 3D powder models are created by printing a binding material and coloured ink, layer by layer into a gypsum based powder.

Available Colours



ABS is a strong and hard plastic which is used to make a wide range of products from car bumpers to Lego. As it is very durable product it has a long lifespan and is very hard wearing. A wide range of colours are available.

Available Colours

Black Blue Green (Olive)
Grey Orange Peach
Red White Yellow


Resin photopolymer prints give a much smoother and more detailed 3D print that we offer as we are able to control the pixel depth of each layer. These models are printed using a liquid polymer and cured with a UV light. Resin 3D prints are available in blue, white, black and grey.

Available Colours

Black Blue Grey


Choose Model Size

Choose a custom size you would like your model to be printed. Speak with one of our friendly Team Members in the 3D Experience Centre on recommended sizes. The final price of your 3D printed model is determined by its size, material and complexity.

Complexity of the model will also impact how long it takes to print.

Example models with different sizes.


Pick Up Your 3D Printed Model

We'll email you when your printed 3D model is ready to collect from our 3D Experience Centre (271-275 Russell Street, Melbourne).

3D models take up to 14 days to print, depending on the size, material and complexity of your design.

Call the 3D Experience Centre on (03) 8665 6400 or email 3DRussellSt@officeworks.com.au if you have questions abour your order