If you need a budget-friendly Android tablet with good looks and a fast processor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 might be just what you’re after. Whether you’re someone who occasionally works away from the office and needs a reliable device for sending emails, taking notes and sorting out social media or you simply want a second source of entertainment around the house, the Galaxy Tab could fit the bill. We asked Xander Holliday, an artist who uses both traditional and digital painting techniques, to test it out.

Taking the Galaxy Tab Out of the Box

The Galaxy Tab A8 has a sleek design that can be protected by purchasing a separate cover.

If we check it out straight from the box, the power button and volume control is on one side. On the bottom of the tablet are two speakers, the C port and the headphone jack. There are two more speakers and a mic on the top and, finally, on the other side is the SIM tray.

I’m testing the 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. Now, 64GB is much more storage than I’d ever need, but if you take lots of video or download content, that’s handy. Plus, you can get a separate microSD card that will boost your storage.

You might also want to get a cover for your tablet. Not only is it handy for protecting it from knocks and scratches, it also acts as a stand for hands-free viewing. 

All About the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Artist Xander Holliday uses the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 to photograph his artwork.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 has a 10.5” display and the bezels around the edge of the device aren’t too wide, but do give you plenty of room to hang onto the tablet. And the colours on screen look fantastic.

This model, which is one of the latest from Samsung, has facial recognition and it’s great. It doesn’t matter which way you hold the tablet – landscape, portrait or you can even be quite far away and at an angle – it really works.

There are both front and rear cameras, which is great for capturing my artwork for social media.

And it comes with Samsung Knox, offering built-in protection and security.

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The Galaxy Tab’s Best Features

The Galaxy Tab’s split-screen function allows for working with two different apps at the same time.

I love using this device to work on my digital designs using the Photoshop app. It’s super responsive to my touch, which makes creating and editing my work on the go really easy.

A couple of other features caught my attention, too. You can use split screen, so, for example, you could stream videos while working. It also has a screen recorder, which means you can record Zoom meetings with clients or any online workshops you’re doing and go back to them.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: The Verdict

Artist Xander Holliday gives the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 a thumbs-up for style and ease of use.

Depending on how long I spend on it during the day, I get about 10 hours of constant use before I have to worry about charging the Galaxy Tab again. It’s a very handy little tablet if you’re in the market for one and, at less than $400, it’s a great price. 

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