How to create a workspace as amazing as your work

If your home office needs a makeover, we have good news: creating something inspiring on a budget is easy with a little help. Gina Ciancio, founder of popular interior design blog Style Curator, gives us a lesson in décor on a budget. Her feel for interiors seems effortless and inspired.  Here, she gives you her favourite tips to create a workspace you’re proud of – without breaking the bank.

Start with a blank canvas

Ciancio believes your first step should be to open up the space. This means removing unneeded furniture and filing away clutter. “For a stylish office, it’s about having a clean neutral base. You want a clear workspace, with well-organised books and folders where you can keep your clutter filed away to be productive.”

Stylish white minimalist home workspace

Have a clear vision for the space

For a workspace that looks like it belongs in the pages of Vogue Living, Ciancio recommends you “start with a clear, singular vision” of how you want the space to look.

“The core problem for any home office is not having a clear vision of where you want to take the space,” she says. “Before you shop, collect your ideas and inspiration, and be clear on the direction you want to take. Collect images in a scrapbook if that helps, and see if all the elements work together.”

“The core problem for any home office is not having a clear vision of where you want to take the space”.

Try to keep things consistent with your theme

Each space you’re decorating will benefit from a theme to bring the room’s style together. That might mean minimalist, or including craftier, slightly quirky elements. “For example, the theme for my workspace is contemporary Australian with a minimalist undertone,” Ciancio says. “For colours, I’ve chosen soft blacks, whites and greys with pops of soft pink and washed out mints.”

Do your best to choose accessories – including wall art – with complementary colours. Accessories in wood, white, concrete and metallic tones bring out the subtle hues in furnishings.

And, if you’re struggling with choice fatigue, there’s good news: it doesn’t have to be perfect from the get-go, Ciancio says. “Any space can take on a new character and evolve over time. Start small and see how you feel.”

For accessories, look broad

Ciancio’s trick to redecorating on a budget is to look widely when sourcing materials. “I shop at a whole range of places to purchase affordable accessories,” she says. “For as little as a hundred dollars, you can make some clever purchases that will really change your space and make it a pleasure to work in,” she says. These might include items like corkboards, fairy lights, lamps and cushions.

However, when it comes to accessories and decorations, she advises against over-accessorising. The last thing you need is to re-clutter the room.