Binder clip hacks to organise your workspace

Who would have thought the humble clip could be so handy? From organising your space to customising your desk and even helping you make the most of the morning cuppa break, the clip is cheap and versatile.

Here are seven quick and easy ways to supercharge your space using this tricky little stationery essential.

1) Tidy up unruly cords by putting a foldback clip on the edge of your desk and threading leads through. No more scrambling under your desk for the phone charger!

DSC 0340

2) Keep headphones tangle free by wrapping them up and securing with a medium sized foldback clip. The hard casing also offers a bit of extra protection if you toss them in your pocket or bag.

DSC 0353

3) Make a quick and easy phone stand by pushing two clips together and popping the phone on top. Step one: fold one arm back and one forward of the clip in front. Step two: Push the arm of the clip in front into the back clip. Step three: Rest your phone on top. Skype sessions never looked so good!

DSC 0358

4) Maintain your style by using washi tape to customise your clips. You can also write labels (such as VIP, urgent, to do) on block colours to help organise bunches of paper, forms or notes.

DSC 0404

5) Make the perfect breaktime cup of tea by using a clip to keep your teabag in place while you sip. This is especially good if you like a strong cup or a herbal tea. Just clamp the bag on the side so it’s suspended but submerged, and loop the string around the clip’s arms.

DSC 0419

6) Personalise your space and remind yourself why you’re doing what you do by popping a picture in a clip. You could also include important notes or reminders, or business cards you don’t want to lose.

DSC 0422

7) Make a unique clipboard. Simply grab a folder of your choice and use a clip to hold paper or notes in place, ensuring you have a truly individual look. An envelope style folder doubles as an organiser for notes or receipts too.

DSC 0390