Small business invoice template – Free download

Getting your invoices out on time encourages regular cash flow and establishes a level of professionalism for your small business. Our free invoice template is a straightforward template to help get you paid quickly, so you can get back to running your business.

Michael Abrahamsson, a financial planner at Flinders Wealth, says your invoices should have clear payment terms and bank details. You should also show the details of the buyer, seller (you), and a description of what was exchanged. Some of these details can be transferred from one invoice to the next, so lock these details into the template to avoid rewriting each time.

A unique numbering system is also important. This makes your business look professional and can help you and the customer track down specific invoices. You can create your own number system using the free template for download below.  

Invoicing once a project is complete can lead to quicker payment, as your business will be top of mind to the customer. To avoid missed payment, Abrahamsson suggests sending a friendly email reminder 1 -2 days before the due date, and following up via a phone call if payment is not received within the payment terms.

“If you do have to speak with a customer regarding late payment, it’s best to ask when the invoice will be paid. This provides a clear timeframe, sets expectations and acts as an automatic reminder for future follow-up,” says Abrahamsson.

This advice is of a general nature and must not be relied on in place of professional advice. Please speak to your financial professional for advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

Free invoice template

Download your free professional invoice template below.