Dishing the dirt on side hustle success

Frankie Layton has always dreamed about Dirt.

An ocean girl at heart, after years working as a stewardess on boats and then as an advertising executive in Europe, her idea was to invent an Australian-made, sustainable cleaning product that would be kinder to the environment.

After teaming up with co-founder (and tech guru) Josh Bondy in 2017, the pair launched Dirt’s first product –a sustainable laundry detergent.

With the promise that The Dirt Company would make doing the laundry a ‘load’ better, they set about building the range and figuring out the logistics of sending laundry detergent in the mail.

And while Dirt started out as passion project and side hustle, Layton quickly realised that if the business was going to succeed it would need to be her main focus.

Plunging head-first into Dirt full time and finding the right people to support her on the journey is what is helping her transform Dirt from a small dream into a household name.