Six ways you never thought to use these
office supplies in your home


A drawer is a drawer is a drawer. But could it store more?

There is more than one way to use much of our stationery range, but often we only think to use it for the purpose it was designed for.

Forget about storing only paper in our file storage drawers.

Shake up your perspective with some great ideas to use your office supplies in new ways.


Clear drawers for make-up storage

Our desk organiser drawers do a pretty good job storing paper, but ladies, what about if you used them in your bathroom to store your make-up?

A clear drawer organiser is great to help you see what you have in the drawers before you open them.

You can also sort your make-up products by type in each drawer.

A whole drawer for lipsticks or nail polishes? Think of the possibilities!




Bulldog clip or picture hook?

Bulldog clips definitely have more uses than simply securing bundles of papers.

Use them to hang photos, prints and small artworks on your walls.

You simply hang the eye of the bulldog clip on a small pushpin or nail.

It’ll make it easier to change up your wall décor as often as you like.




Magazine file cupboard door storage

You might use a magazine file to store papers and notebooks but have you thought about using them to store kitchen products or food?

Try securing a metal magazine folder onto the back of a cupboard door to store food wraps boxes.

You could also use it to store vegetables like potatoes or onions to free up shelf space in your pantry.



Sourced image: Apartment Therapy
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Picture frame whiteboard

Did you know whiteboard markers work really well on glass?

Rather than using a standard whiteboard in your kitchen, write your shopping lists or to-do lists on picture frames.

Pick a frame colour, style and size you like and then customise the background of the frame.

Simply insert your favourite paper or fabric pattern, and then swap it out when you want a new look.

What a really beautiful alternative to a whiteboard!



Sourced image: Jill Ruth
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Washi tape furniture detailing

Find your furniture a bit plain? Rather than buying expensive new furniture for your home, you can update your current furniture with washi tape.

Work out a design you like and then simply apply strips of washi tape to your furniture to create the design.

You can update anything from bedside tables to lamps, and even chairs.

Washi tape, which is traditionally used to decorate cards and scrapbooks, comes in a variety of colours and patterns so you can create truly unique furniture




Vertical chopping board rack

A file rack could store manilla folders on your desk OR it could keep your chopping boards stored neatly in your kitchen cupboard!

The rack won’t take up much room in your cupboard and it’ll make it easier to select which chopping board you need to prepare and serve your meals.

Simply brilliant!



Sourced image: Lifehacker
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