Office hacks: Declutter to delight


If your workspace is in need of some serious decluttering and restyling, you need Simone Barter’s help.

She is an interiors and props stylist and curates inspiration on Style Life Home.

She shares a few hints to hack stationery to organise and style your workspace.


What’s your passion?


I love helping clients complete room makeovers, property styling, home staging, prop styling for magazine shoots and also home office/ business makeovers.

The ability to declutter and decorate a space is easy once you know how – when you’ve got the right tools for the job!


Why did you decide to revamp your desk style?


I needed more space on my desk to spread out all my paperwork and colour swatches, and more places to pin up current work.

I also wanted room for extra inspiration to glance at.


Where did you begin?


I like to start by looking at everyday objects and seeing how they can be used in interesting ways.

I can’t help but over-organise things, but I always find it easier if I start simple.

Hack 1: Shipping tag cable ties


I used shipping tags tied with string to identify different chargers and cables to make it easy to identify which cord belongs to which technology.


Hack 2: Use bulldog clips for everything


I keep everything neat and tidy with bulldog clips that keep paperwork under control on my desk.

And I even use them to hang up my lamp, greenery and calendar.


Also, for a bit of extra bling I spray-painted one gold!


Hack 3: Make a mood board using a clipboard


The mood-board zone on the wall above my desk is filled with things I love – quotes, magazine pages, feathers, family photos, my lamp and some greenery.

I used clipboards as my mood boards and taped photos to the clipboards for an interesting look.


What extra personal touches did you include?

I added an earthy, personal touch with a timber stool, a few feathers and a pile of my favourite magazines.