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Packaging Tape Dispensers

Stylus Packing Tape Dispenser This Stylus Packing Tape Dispenser can be used to seal packages quickly, increasing productivity. This dispenser is easy to load and use with 1 hand keeping your other hand free to hold packaging down. It's lightweight and ergonomically designed with a plastic grip handle to reduce fatigue. PPS Packaging Tape Dispenser with 48mm x 50m Moving Tape The PPS Packaging Tape Dispenser has a heavy duty construction to withstand regular use. It comes with a roll of PPS Moving Tape which performs will in both hot and cold temperature conditions. It is ideal for packing your belongings to move house, sealing boxes for storage and even for use to seal packages and parcels for postage. Duck Bladesafe Tape Gun with HP260 Tape The Duck Bladesafe Tape Gun has a unique design with retractable blades to prevent accidental injury during use. It's perfect for use sealing boxes and packages and comes with a roll of tape to get you started. Scotch Packaging Tape Dispenser This Scotch Packaging Tape Dispenser is a heavy duty tape that can be used to package mail, seal storage containers and repair household items. This tape comes with a handy dispenser that will allow you to pack boxes using only 1 hand and without the need for scissors. This pack comes with an extra roll so that you can package more items for when you are moving house.
Stylus Packing Tape Dispenser
PPS Packaging Tape Dispenser with 48mm x 50m Moving Tape
Duck Bladesafe Tape Gun with HP260 Tape
Scotch Packaging Tape Dispenser