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Sorrento Series

Sorrento Desk The Sorrento Desk is perfect for any home or office that requires plenty of desk space. This large desk has a durable particleboard construction, a weight capacity of 45 kg and has a modesty panel, giving you privacy while you work. Sorrento Return Desk This Sorrento Return Desk is a great way to add extra desk space, giving you more room to spread out and work. The stylish return desk is finished in durable, 3D paper with an oak pattern. Sorrento 2 Drawer Pedestal The Sorrento 2 Drawer Pedestal provides plenty of additional storage space in your workspace. It comes with 1 stationery drawer to store your loose items and 1 filing drawer so you can organise your important documents up to foolscap size. Sorrento Credenza The Sorrento Credenza is the ideal way of adding additional storage space to your office. It features 3 stationery drawers and an internal shelf so you can store and organise all of your loose office items. Sorrento Walnut Desk This Sorrento Walnut Desk is perfect for use in your home or office workspace. It has a stylish design and a sturdy particleboard construction, ensuring it is a stylish and functional addition. Sorrento Walnut Return Desk This Sorrento Walnut Return Desk can be added to your Sorrento Walnut Desk to transform it into a corner workstation. The return features the same 3D paper finish with a dark walnut pattern to compliment your existing desk and decor. Sorrento Dark 2 Drawer Pedestal This Sorrento Walnut 2 Drawer Pedestal is a great addition to your workspace to help you stay organised. You can keep all of your essential documents and papers in the filing drawer and ensure your necessary pens, pencils and other items are easily accessible in the stationery drawer.
Sorrento Desk
Sorrento Return Desk
Sorrento 2 Drawer Pedestal
Sorrento Credenza
Sorrento Walnut Desk
Sorrento Walnut Return Desk
Sorrento Dark 2 Drawer Pedestal