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Footrests & Chair Accessories

Fellowes Mesh Back Support The Fellowes Mesh Back Support has a unique design so that it supports the lumbar curve of your back to help improve posture. It has a sturdy steel frame and a mesh fabric construction that moulds to your body's contours and allows air to circulate. Fellowes Slimline Back Support The Fellowes Slimline Back Support has an innovative design to provide comfort to your back while working. It is made from memory foam cushion to retain its shape for ongoing support and comfort. Fellowes Professional Back Support The Fellowes Professional Back Support has a low density foam construction so it will conform to your body's shape and contours. It consists of 3 sections for lumbar support and features an adjustable buckle to keep it from shifting while in use. Fellowes Heat and Soothe Back Support This Fellowes Heat and Soothe Back Support is a great addition to the chair in your workspace. It provides support to the natural curve of your lower back to help prevent slouching, plus it has both a heating and cooling gel pack which will help ease muscle aches and pains. Fellowes Lumbar Back Support The Fellowes Lumbar Back Support is designed to support the lower back during extended periods of sitting. It's made with quality memory foam for enhanced comfort and support and has a stylish design to suit the home or workplace. Fellowes Adjustable Foot Rocker This Fellowes Adjustable Foot Rocker helps to promote better circulation and reduce fatigue while you're sitting. It has a gentle rocking motion combined with relaxing massage bars to provide a comfortable experience. You can adjust between 2 different height adjustments to achieve the correct height for you.
Fellowes Mesh Back Support
Fellowes Slimline Back Support
Fellowes Professional Back Support
Fellowes Heat and Soothe Back Support
Fellowes Lumbar Back Support
Fellowes Adjustable Foot Rocker