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Medical Room Equipment

Trafalgar Examination Couch The Trafalgar Examination Couch has a comfortable foam padded top and an adjustable headrest to ensure the comfort of patients visiting first aid rooms. The couch is made to be durable, with a strong powder coated steel frame which can support up to 125 kg. Trafalgar Dressing Trolley The Trafalgar Dressing Trolley has a sturdy, stainless steel construction and 75 mm diameter castors so you can easily manoeuvre it. It's perfect for transporting important first aid equipment to the scene of an accident or emergency. Celco Empty Medical Cabinet This Celco Empty Medical Cabinet is perfect for storing your first aid supplies. It has a durable construction made using heavy duty, rust proof steel to ensure it is long lasting.
Trafalgar Examination Couch
Trafalgar Dressing Trolley
Celco Empty Medical Cabinet