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Software is essential for all your smart devices to function. Software can streamline your technology experience, making it more accessible, safe and more enjoyable. In this buying guide, we’ll outline the different types of software you can use to enhance your electronics.

Useful Information

What is software?

Software is the systems, apps, and programs that allow your electronic devices to run. They streamline and secure your experience on smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches and other devices to make sure that your experience is positive. Without software, your technology wouldn’t function.

Most of your electronic devices will come with basic software for use, but there are other types you can investigate to enhance your experience.



How to buy software?

For example, digital/hard copy, different operating systems, check if laptop or desktop has pre-installed software, different device software

  • Digital and hard copies:You can purchase software as a hard copy disc or USB at a store to install it directly on to your device. Stores also sell download cards, with a code that allows you to download the software online to install on your computer. Alternatively, you can purchase a digital download online and have the code sent to your email.

Things to check before buying Software?

There are a few things you need to make sure you check before purchasing software, for you to make the best choice for your needs. These include:

  • Compatibility: Make sure the software you are looking to purchase is compatible with the device you aim to install it on. For example, software may only be compatible with either an Apple/Mac device or an Android or PC device.
  • Relevance: Computers, laptops and mobile phones often come with an array of pre-installed software, so there may be no need for additional purchases. 
  • Licenses: Software is often sold with a specific number of licenses, and this is an important factor to consider when determining your needs. If you're purchasing for personal use at home, you may only need to opt-in for a single license. However, if it's for a small business or for the family to use across different devices, you will need multiple licenses. 
  • System Requirements: Different types of software have different system requirements. Make sure you check your device’s specifications before purchasing to know if the software is suitable for your device. 
  • Subscriptions: Some software requires annual subscriptions for continued use. Make sure to factor this into your budget whether you’re a casual user, student, or the owner of a small business. 

Types of software

Software comes in a variety of types. Some simplify your technology; some are for fun and some are even for your safety.

  • Operating Systems: Operating Systems are what allow you to use your device. The most common ones are Windows and macOS for computers and laptops, as well as Android and iOS for smartphones. Operating systems serve as the hub of your experience, allowing you to navigate through apps, photos, videos, games, and the internet easily. Most devices usually come pre-installed with an operating system; however, you may need to purchase one separately if you’re building a custom computer.
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Officeworks has a variety of software that you can download onto your device. Discover the software range below.


Microsoft Software (Office/Windows 10)

Microsoft is one of the biggest distributors of software, with everything from their operating systems to their separate programs. Microsoft creates an array of different packs for different types of users, including small businesses, students, casual users, sole traders, and creatives. Here are some of Microsoft's software packs below.

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Internet Security Software

Internet Security is essential for all types of electronic devices that connect to the web. It protects you from viruses and your data being breached from malicious places online, ensuring that you can browse with peace of mind. It's great for small businesses that share confidential data online, sole traders who send invoices over email and casual users who chat with friends or do shopping over the internet.

While Windows devices come with a pre-installed internet security software, it’s worth looking into others as they provide more of a full-fledged solution. Some include cloud storage for backing up important data, parental controls, password management systems, and tech support. Most internet security software can be installed on either laptop or smartphone, with the ability to purchase subscriptions that allow you to install it across several devices.


For more information, view our Security Software Buying Guide.
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Internet Security Software
creativity software

Creativity Software

There’s an array of different creativity software you can use on your devices to expand on your passion in the arts. Drawing, painting, graphic design, photography and other programs are available so you can finesse your skills or learn new ones.

Creativity software can be handy in a slew of different situations for a slew of different users. Small businesses and freelancers can use programs like Adobe Photoshop to create logos and images to promote their product, establishing a style and brand in their works.


School and university students can use the Adobe Creative Cloud for apps like Premiere Pro, Illustrator and others for design subjects and physical projects like posters.


Casual home and recreational users can explore software like Corel PaintShop Pro for fun, creating their pieces of art on their computer.

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Accounting Software

Accounting Software is designed for office spaces and small business so that they can keep track of payroll and manage their finances in a streamlined manner. They are also beneficial for freelancers and sole traders for keeping track of invoices, allowing preparation for tax time.

Some of the features that accounting software include payroll and invoice management, cloud storage and GST calculation, allowing you to keep on top of your work always. If you’re someone who is looking for a casual way to calculate budgets at home, accounting software may be a bit overboard for your needs.

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accounting software
productivity software

Productivity Software

Productivity Software refers to programs that are designed to help streamline work and tasks for every type of user. There is productivity software suited to all different fields of work and all different types of workers, allowing you to use it to your advantage in a variety of situations.

Some of the more popular productivity programs are Microsoft Office Word and Excel, which are popular programs for document creation and data collation.


You’ve also got PowerPoint for creating presentations, Outlook for organizing and sending emails and Microsoft Teams which acts as a communication client in small business. These programs are available in the previously mentioned Microsoft software packs.


Productivity Software suits every type of technology user, as they all can contribute to assisting you in tasks. Word can be used for writing documents in the office, letters to send to friends, assignments at school and invoices as a sole trader. PowerPoint can be used for birthday slideshows, presentations at work and demonstrations at university. The productivity you can garner from the software depends on your type of use, so it’s important to look deeper into the programs to see if they benefit you.


Overall, software that suits your needs can be crucial in your experience with technology. It can protect your data, enhance your productivity, streamline your work and result in a lot of fun. However, it’s important for you to make sure you know what you need from the software and how you'll use it for it not to go to waste, and increase the quality of your technology experience.

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