Mobile Phones Buying Guide

With smartphone technology constantly improving, what should you look for in a new mobile phone? Let our Mobile Phones Buying Guide assist you in finding the perfect handset.


Operating Systems

One of the first things to consider with a new phone is what operating system to opt for. Chances are you will have used one of the below already, but the question remains whether to stick with your current OS or try a different one.


iOS is the operating system used solely for Apple iPhones. Apple interfaces and operating systems are renowned for their ease of use, meaning newbies to the setup will find it relatively easy to pick up.

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Unlike iOS, where there is one version for all iPhones, Android phones have a variety of different operating systems which are dependent on what phone you choose. One of Android OS’s major advantages is the high level of customisation available, allowing users to truly personalise their phones.

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Screen Size

When purchasing a phone, screen size is an important consideration - do you follow 'the bigger the better' or are you more about screen quality?

Large Screens

iPhone Xs, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Phones with large screen sizes, such as the iPhone Xas and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, are ideal for those who like to watch videos, view photos or play games on their phone.


Mid-sized Screens

iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9

The most common size of smartphone, this size is easy to operate with one hand for the majority of phone users, and generally fits comfortably in most pockets. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 and 8 are perfect examples of medium-sized phone screens.


Small Screens

Prepaid Mobile Phones

Phones with smaller screen sizes are perfect for basic functions such as text messaging, web browsing and making calls.


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Other Things To Consider

There are many more things to consider when choosing a handset, including the following.


An efficient processor will help your phone to multitask without lag. With the wide array of tasks that the modern mobile phone is used for, a decent processor is required to cope with these functions.

If you’re going to run your smartphone through the motions, you’ll want a handset with the most recent processors. The iPhone Xs uses Apple’s latest processor, the A12 Bionic, which is rated as one of the fastest mobile chips available.


Phones have come a long way since the days of having to delete texts to free up your inbox. Phones available to buy at Officeworks offer storage of up to 512GB.

High storage phones such as the Oppo R11, iPhone Xs or Samsung Galaxy Note9 are ideal for those who like to store music, videos and photos in sizeable amounts. Bear in mind that apps tend to consume a great deal of storage, so if you like to have plenty of apps on your phone, high storage capabilities are a must.


The majority of people use their phone to double as a camera, so this is another important consideration when choosing a new phone.

Most smartphones feature a front and back camera, with the front camera being particularly ideal for video calls and taking selfies. Whilst the megapixel count gives a good indication of the camera’s quality, you should also pay heed to other camera features, such as stabilisation and performance under low light, to gauge what camera is best suited to your needs.


Mobile Phone Accessories

iPhone Covers & Cases

Protect and personalise your iPhone with our wide range of iPhone covers and cases.

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Samsung Phone Accessories

Choose from a range of Samsung covers and screen protectors to accessorise your Samsung mobile phone.

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Bluetooth Accessories

Increase your connectivity options on your phone with the Bluetooth accessories available to buy online.

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