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Booklets are a great way to provide a reminder of an event, funeral, production, or special occasion. Printing customised booklets is an elegant way to keep your guests informed, and they can be preserved as a keepsake for years to come. Booklets can also be used to present information in a profesional yet cost effective manner.


  • Booklets help to inform your guests of an event's itinerary or background.

  • Printed booklets can also make a great keepsake to preserve after a wedding, funeral, or other event.

  • You can print on all sides or choose to leave some blank.

  • You can choose a thicker paper size for the cover to protect the outside of the booklet.

  • You can print in black and white or colour.

  • Your booklet must have a minimum of 8 pages and must be in a multiple of 4 pages to avoid blank pages at the back.

  • You can print up to 28 sheets which equates to 56 printable pages.

  • Booklets are held together with elegant saddle stitch stapling and have a 5 mm white border around the edge.

  • The printable area of booklets are A5 (148 x 210 mm) or A4 (210 x 297 mm).

Wedding order of service

Wedding order of service

Help your guests to stay informed with a schedule of your wedding day. It also makes a nice keepsake.

Farewell a loved one

Farewell a loved one

A funeral order of service will help celebrate the life of your loved one.

Manual or user guides

Manual or user guides

A booklet is an economical way to make a quick manual or user guide.


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Design Guidelines

Document size, printable & safe margin area

Document Size

This is the final size of your document after it has been printed and folded.

Safe margin size

This is to ensure you don't end up with text or important image content right on the edge of your print. Aim to keep important images and text inside the dotted safe area box.

Printable Area

This zone shows the area that your design can be printed on. All booklets come with a 5mm white border around the perimeter of the page.

Download a print template


Printable Area

Printable Area

The below dimensions represent the printable area of your Booklets:

A5 - 138mm x 200mm
A4 - 200mm x 287mm.

File Types

File Types

For best printing results, save your design as a PDF. You can also print in Microsoft Word format (DOC/DOCX).Maximum file size is 250mb.



Set the resolution of your design to 300dpi before you start designing. This way your print will be clear and sharp.

Colour Mode

Colour Mode

Our print machines are specifically made to print using the CMYK colour mode. Make sure your design is in CMYK for best results.

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