Wireless Speakers Buying Guide

No matter what your taste in music, we can all agree that we need a good speaker to listen through. For the ultimate aural experience and versatility, a Bluetooth or Wireless speaker is perfect. Our Wireless Speakers Buying guide will help you choose the best speakers for your needs.


Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth is the connection most commonly found in wireless speakers and also the most versatile. Whilst not boasting as far a range as WiFi, Bluetooth is improving and can still offer a decent range of up 20m. With Bluetooth being in most modern devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops), there is no network required to connect to your speaker.

WiFi Speakers

WiFi streaming traditionally offered the highest quality in audio playback, and whilst Bluetooth has caught up massively, WiFi still has its benefits. Opting for a WiFi speaker generally means you’ll be sacrificing portability for quality.


Key Features


A key feature for many people when buying a speaker is its portability. In the Officeworks range, there are plenty of wireless speakers designed to withstand the conditions of outdoor use. However, other wireless speakers are designed with the sole intention of being used in the home or office, so look for a speaker with battery power if portability is your priority.


Battery Life

When it comes to portable wireless speakers, battery life is important. Some of the higher end models can offer an impressive battery life upwards of 12 hours.


Pairing (connecting multiple speakers)

If you’re shopping for wireless speakers intended for the home or office, the ability to pair (or connect) multiple speakers together is highly appealing. WiFi speakers will allow you to pair multiple speakers, meaning you can have music playing in several rooms at any one time. Some speakers also pair up to offer a more stereo sound, rather than the mono sound you get with most speakers.



If you require a speaker for travelling purposes, a portable one is crucial. A wireless speaker built to withstand the outdoors will also better survive the bumps, scrapes and manhandling associated with travelling. For extra durability and versatility, check out our range of waterproof wireless speakers.



The various ports that come with a wireless speaker can turn a basic speaker into a versatile audio machine. AUX output ports also allow you to plug headphones into your speaker.


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