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Trying to figure out what to buy when looking at a scientific vs graphing calculator? For these calculator types and more, we help you make the right decision.

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Finding the right calculator for you.

Calculators aren’t just for the classroom; they’re a necessary tool for a wide variety of professions and daily tasks. Because they’re useful across so many fields, it only makes sense that there are a wide variety of calculators out there. If you find yourself without the guidance of a book list to inform your choice or are trying to find something to work across multiple subjects, thing can get complicated. That’s why this guide is here!

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Scientific vs Graphing

In this guide, you’ll find the key differences between scientific and graphing calculators and more.

Graphing Calculators

Graphing Calculators

These are not exactly what might spring to mind when you think of a calculator – they’re more like small, specialised computers, with plenty of power to help you through complex concepts like calculus, statistics, and even engineering, helping you work through algebraic equations, quadratics and more. Colour displays and touchscreens make navigating your way through your equations and graphs easier, too. Most graphing calculators also let you transfer your work from your calculator to their compatible programs.

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Scientific Calculators

Scientific calculators are the step between a standard calculator and a graphing calculator; they’re generally found on the book list for earlier years of high school and as a recommended item for university classes in the sciences. Professionals like engineers will also find it handy to have one on their desk. They let you do more than just add, subtract and multiply, giving you access to a range of new buttons to support your learning beyond just the maths classroom; they’re also designed to help you in science and engineering studies

They give you easy access to the things like dedicated buttons constants like e and pi. You can also easily calculate square roots, exponents, and take on challenges with logarithmic and trigonometric functions. Some come with features like a moving cursor and arrows, so you can navigate back to the numbers and characters you’ve entered to edit them.


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Scientific Calculators
Desktop Calculators

Desktop Calculators

Pocket and desktop calculators give you all the essential functions you need for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Less bulky and easier to use than their graphing and scientific counterparts, these are great for primary students or crunching the numbers in your home budget.They’re a great choice for tests and classroom work where you might have to perform basic calculations without access to a mobile phone.Many desktop calculators offer a memory function to store a number for future calculations, as well as buttons for calculating percentages and square roots.

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Pocket Calculators

Pocket calculators are much the same as desktop calculators, but in a more compact size. They’re the perfect size for your pencil case – it’s no problem to carry them between home and school, study sessions and the office. Like many desktop calculators, they’re usually powered by solar with a backup button battery included. With a dual power supply, you can be sure you’re always ready to tackle those calculations.

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Pocket Calculators
Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators

Work on everything from accounting to household budgeting with a financial calculator. With dedicated buttons and functionality for business calculations like cost, sell, and margin, compound interest, and depreciation, it’s a great companion for business owners and accountants, as well as students in these fields.These calculators are generally larger than your standard pocket calculator, with larger buttons and displays. Many of these calculators feature displays with two lines to help deal with larger numbers that come with the territory of finance.

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Printing Calculators

Printing calculators (sometimes called Desktop Calculators) are essentially a subcategory within financial calculators, with the added bonus – they can reproduce their calculations on paper. This is a great help when you want to file away a verification of the accuracy of your calculations. Unlike your regular calculator models, printing calculators aren’t usually battery operated. Instead, they plug in via a power adaptor.

They offer many of the same keyboard functions as your standard financial calculator, helping you easily calculate cost, sell, and margin, as well as tax problems. If you’re going with a printing calculator, it’s always a good idea to check the compatible paper rolls and ink rollers that you’ll need – you don’t want to be caught out trying to finalise your work and find yourself unable to print!

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Printing Calculators
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How to use your calculator

Most calculators come with an instruction manual in the box, but if you lose one or want to take a look at the functionality before you buy, you’ll find the instruction manual attached to many of the calculators on the Officeworks product pages beneath the features section.


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