Get the know how

Buying Software

Purchase Options

  • Prepaid cards
    Card (in-store and online)

    Buy a POSA (Point of Sale Activation) card, which is a prepaid software package containing a PIN. Use the PIN to download the software or access it via the Internet (for cloud-based software). If you buy the card online, you'll receive it by mail within a few business days.

  • Download
    Download (online only)

    ESD (Electronic Software Download) is a quick and convenient way to get software. Once purchased, you'll receive an email with an activation code which enables you to download the software or access it via the Internet.

  • Boxed software
    Boxed software (in-store and online)

    These come with a CD/DVD/USB stick to install software onto your computer or an activation code to download software.

Subscription vs Outright

Subscription Subscription

Subscribe to your software for a fixed period, usually 12-24 months. You'll receive ongoing updates and upgrades so your software will always be up-to-date. You'll need to renew your subscription to continue using the software. To do this, simply buy a new POSA card or ESD from Officeworks.

Outright Outright (or perpetual)

Make a one-time purchase of your software for a single computer and use it for as long as you wish. Suitable if you don't need to upgrade your software version regularly, or don't want to use it on multiple devices.

Things to look for

Number of devices

For subscription-based software, check the number of devices it can be installed on.

Device compatibility

Check the operating system requirements and device options (eg PC, Mac, Android, tablet, phone).

Return policy

At Officeworks, software returns must be within 30 days of purchase. Change of mind is not accepted.