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Tablets combine the portability and efficiency of smartphones with the processing power of laptops, all packed into a light, compact and simple to use design. Our Tablets Buying Guide will help you to choose the right tablet type for your needs, as well as identify any extra tablet features or accessories that may come in handy.

Useful Information

Which tablet is right for you?


Tablets are currently used by students of all ages, from primary school to secondary school and right through to university. Students will need to use their tablet for everyday applications, such as checking emails, using social media sites and browsing the web, and perhaps for reading documents and basic research, making them a great option for a learner’s BYOD device. When shopping for a student tablet, consider the overall portability of the tablet since it needs to be carried between classes. Look for one with a long-lasting battery that can go all day and consider its connectivity options as you may not always have access to WiFi and could require a cellular or 5G-enabled device. You may also want to purchase a protective case or a Bluetooth keyboard for use with your new tablet.

Need help choosing the right student device for School? Check out our BYOD Selector Tool.


If you’re working on the go, having a higher-powered device that will enable productivity is essential. A tablet for business or office use should have processing power that supports multitasking and more RAM to ensure your programs and applications run smoothly. You may also consider a larger screen to be beneficial, particularly if you’ll be looking at reports or other detailed documents. Consider opting for a tablet with a large storage capacity or an expandable memory so you have plenty of space for your files and look for mobile connectivity options like 5G so you can stay connected from almost anywhere. You may also choose to purchase an external keyboard and a stylus for efficient operation, and you can head to the Officeworks Your Business Hub for ideas on how you can create a seamless, fully-optimised workstation.


If you’re just after a tablet for casual use at home, you should be able to find a great option with basic features to suit your needs. You can opt for a smaller screen and an entry-level processor if you’re planning on using your tablet primarily for browsing social media and checking emails, but if you’re keen on playing games and watching movies, check out options with large screens, impressive processors and plenty of RAM. Families with children may also want to look for a tablet that supports parental controls to restrict inappropriate content.


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Student Laptops

Apple iPads

iPads are some of the most recognisable tablets in the market. Their wide range ensures that there’s something for all users, like the iPad Mini serving those who want to work on the go, and the iPad Pro benefiting the streamlined capabilities of a set workstation. The newest iPad technology is optimised with Apple’s M1 chip, which aims to increase the speed of every aspect of your tablet, creating a fast, fun experience.

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Android Tablets

Android tablets use the Android operating system for a smooth, easy-to-use, and a personalised experience, granting you access to the Google Play store for games and your favourite apps. They come in a variety of sizes, from 7” compact design of the Lenovo Tab M7, to the 12.4” size of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE . The android system is used throughout a variety of tablets from different brands, so you can find the style and features that best suit your needs.

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Android Tablets
Wacom Tablets

Wacom Tablets

The Wacom Tablet range differs from your typical tablet, as it promotes visual art, practice, and thinking. It uses a special surface technology that provides a paper-like canvas, so you can use the included pen for drawing, handwriting, and editing in a realistic way. Wacom Tablets are compatible with Windows and MacOS devices, so you can pair it with your laptop or computer.

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Apple iPad Cases & Accessories

There are a variety of different cases and accessories that are all designed to enhance your tablet experience. The cases that are available throughout the massive iPad range include easy click-in versions, folios for 360 degrees of protection, and cases that are integrated with a keyboard for easy work. Other accessories included cables for charging and data transfers, wireless keyboards that simplify use, and stands so you can mount your tablet in your workstation.

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Apple iPad Cases & Accessories
Universal Tablet Cases & Accessories

Universal Tablet Cases & Accessories

Aside from iPads, there are also cases and accessories that are universal, designed to fit the size of your Samsung, Lenovo, Laser, and other brand tablets. Like the iPad, there are click-in, folio, and keyboard-integrated cases all designed to enhance your experience, as well as cables and mounts for charging, data transfers, and strategically placing in your work setup. .

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Add more depth to your tablet experience using a stylus, which you can use to handwrite, sign documents, draw, and more. For iPads, there is the Apple Pencil , using sensitive pressure and tilt sensors for a fast, precise use. For Samsung Tabs, there is the Samsung S-Pro pen for smart controls and seamless use on your screen. There are also universal styluses from J.Burrows, Targus, and other brands, ensuring that there’s always a comfortable, hand-writing solution for your tablet.

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Features & Benefits

Operating System

As with desktop computers and laptops, the operating system you choose for your tablet will affect the way you use your device and the apps you can access. For the most part, however, even tablets with different operating systems have a similar interface that’s fairly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Apple iOS

  • This operating system is available on iPads, including iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini. It's an ideal choice for Apple users who already own an iPhone or iPod touch, as the operating system is the same.
  • This OS is very popular, due to its intuitive menu and navigation, clean design and overall user-friendliness.


  • Quick and easy to use, Android is an operating system that is constantly evolving and uses widgets to help you customise your preferences.
  • Android comes installed on tablets from a number of different companies, offering plenty of choice in terms of hardware.


      Screen Sizes

      7-10" Screen

      There’s a range of tablets that come within the 8-10" range, providing a compact solution for your work. These smaller sizes still provide the smoothness of an Android or iOS operating system, but in a way that can fit easily in your bag on the way to school, uni, or the office.

      10-13" Screen

      Beyond the 10” mark, you start running into larger tablets that serve as companions for both work and entertainment. There are models like the 11” iPad Pro , or the 12.4” Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, which boast high-quality screens, so you can immersive in movies, or navigate those spreadsheets with ease.


      Processor and RAM (Memory)

      The processor and amount of RAM inside your tablet will dictate how efficiently it runs.

      Most tablets will have a dual-core, quad-core or octa-core processor. Octa-core processors can support higher powered multi-tasking applications, as each core can run apps separately. A tablet with a quad-core processor will deliver responsive performance when you’re loading a single app at a time and ensures media plays smoothly. If you’re only using your tablet for basic web browsing, emailing and apps, opt for a dual-core model. In newer iPads, there’s also the Apple M1 Chip processor, which optimises your processors for swift performance.

      RAM is measured in gigabytes (GB), and the higher the RAM, the faster your processor can access information. Opt in for a tablet with more than 3 GB of RAM if you’re planning on multi-tasking and working on your device.

      Storage Space

      This refers to the amount of internal storage your tablet has to hold all your image, video and audio files and other documents. If you keep most of your data in the cloud or on external sources, you can go for a tablet with smaller fixed storage space.

      However, if you plan on keeping your files saved directly on your tablet, you might be more suited to a tablet that allows you to insert a microSD card to expand the storage capacity.


      Whether you’ll be using your tablet for business or entertainment purposes, you’ll want to consider where you’ll be mostly using your device. If you’re likely to use it at home, school or work where there’s WiFi available, a WiFi-only model will suffice. If you’re planning on using your tablet when you’re on the go and away from WiFi networks, look for a cellular model with or 5G capabilities which will allow you to insert a SIM card to access mobile data.

      Most tablets will also feature Bluetooth technology for wireless connections and a USB connector where you can charge your device and sync your data.

      Screen Resolution

      Screen resolution, measured in pixels per inch (PPI), dictates how high quality the visuals on your tablet screen are. The higher the PPI, the better the screen resolution, and the sharper and clearer images, videos and text will be on your device. If you’re intending to watch a lot of movies and TV shows on your tablet, or even edit photos or videos, shop around for one with a high screen resolution.

      Battery Life

      For battery life, you should consider the main use of your tablet – is it mostly to check emails and occasionally browse the web, or will you be regularly consuming multimedia such as films, TV shows and games? Keep in mind that these kinds of activities can drastically shorten your battery life.

      Putting your tablet on sleep mode can help to save battery life when the device is not in use.

      Front and Rear Cameras

      Front-facing cameras on tablets are ideal for video calling through apps such as Zoom, and rear cameras ensure you can capture great photos of your friends and family. If photo and video quality is important to you, look for a tablet that has front and rear cameras with a high megapixel count.


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