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As technology continues to advance, home automation systems are becoming a staple in Australian households. With a range of smart home products to choose from, you can create the ultimate smart home or smart office for your convenience.

Useful Information

So what is a Smart Home?

A smart home contains technology that connects your devices to a specific network which can be controlled, monitored and accessed remotely. Put simply, it allows the devices in your home to talk to each other and help make your life easier. This is the main reason why smart homes are becoming so popular.

There are many smart home products now available on the market, and with their popularity increasing, these products are becoming more intelligent and convenient and are connecting with more devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

How do Smart Homes work?

To create a smart home, you require three components. These three components come together to form a home automation system.

Smart Education Device

Smart Home Hardware

These are devices that have built-in internet capability.

Smart Controller

A control device

These are devices that are used to remotely control your smart home devices.

Smart Router

A reliable Wi-Fi network

This is used to connect your devices so you can control them.

What to consider when purchasing
smart home products?

When choosing a home automation system, it is important to check each product to ensure they are compatible with the control devices you are using.

The three leading artificial intelligence (AI) assistants are Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri, which can all perform tasks based on voice commands. Each AI assistant has a different range of products that they can control so you should make sure you pick the assistant most suited to your use and purchase related products for a seamless home automation system.

amazon alexa

Amazon Alexa

Smart home devices compatible with Amazon Alexa Shop Now.

apple homekit

Apple Homekit

Smart home devices compatible with Apple Homekit Shop Now.

google assistant

Google Assistant

Smart home devices compatible with Google Assistant Shop Now.

Our Categories

Smart home and office products

Officeworks has a range of the best smart home devices and smart office products to help you create a home automation system. Discover the range of smart home products below.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Using smart lights, you can control the illumination of your home all from a convenient app on your smartphone, or via voice control with a smart assistant. Making the most out of your smart setup, you can turn the lights on and off at any time, adjust timing schedules so that they can dim at night and brighten to wake you up in the morning, and explore different colours and brightness setting to suit the aesthetic and mood of your area. With smart lighting, you can enhance the look of your living space, and enjoy a convenient illumination solution.

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Smart Security

Remove the anxiety of an insecure home while you are out and about by creating a smart security setup, giving you and your family peace of mind. Smart security cameras and video doorbells often include real-time monitoring that you can access from your smartphone, so you can check up on your property while you’re out and about. Some also include sensors and lights to make the presence of security known, warding off unwanted visitors. Plus, with functions like two-way talk in cameras and video doorbells, you can greet visitors before they even enter. Smart security is an easy way to keep an eye on your property, and your stress levels to a minimum.

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Smart Security
Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs

Not every appliance in your house syncs with your smart system, but that can be amended. Smart electrical gadgets like power strips and plugs make your older technology work within your blooming smart ecosystem, making them compatible with voice controls, schedules timers, and smartphone management. Your older appliances just got a whole lot smarter!

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Smart Monitors

Looking at a small screen throughout the day can hinder your productivity, which is why a monitor is an essential addition to your home setup. It removes the inconvenience of squinting to read the next word in your document, helping to prevent eye strain.

When purchasing a monitor, there is a variance of things to consider. If you are using a smaller corner or hutch desk, you should look at smaller sized monitors or ones with floating bases. If you are using your monitor primarily for written work and data collation, look out for functions such as blue light shields and eyecare optimisation so you can stare at your screen comfortably throughout the day. If you plan on doing a lot of visual media work or want to enjoy your favourite video games after you clock off, look through our selection of gaming monitors with high refresh rates and response times that prevent lag and screen stuttering. You also want to look at the connectivity options of your monitor and determine whether they’re compatible with your home office computer or laptop.

Different brand monitors often come in either curved or flat designs, with a variety of individual functions you can enjoy.

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Smart Monitors
Smart Environment

Smart AC Controller

Control the airflow and temperature of your area, so you can set schedules of up to 7 days to keep your area consistently comfortable and free of humidity. It also optimises your air conditioner to be compatible with the voice assistant of your smart setup, making it easy to manage at any time.

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Smart Entertainment

Enjoy your favourite media before, during, or after work using smart entertainment gadgets, with hubs and speakers providing clarity in your music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more, with some devices providing displays for videos. Manage your entertainment with the seamless voice control options using your device, which can also be used to control lighting schedules and the other smart appliances that surround you.


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Smart Entertainment
Features and Benefits

Working from home can be a large adjustment, so you want to make your smart home office setup work best for you. We have listed a few helpful tips so you can maximise working from your abode below.

Set reminders
with your smart home! 

Using your smart assistant device, you can set reminders of tasks you need to complete throughout the day to keep you on task.


set reminders with your smart home
prepare a motivating playlist

Prepare a
motivating playlist!

Collate all your favourite songs on the weekend that motivate you to do more and have them ready in a playlist Monday morning to enjoy during work tasks.

Create a comfortable
field of view! 

The night before your shift, pre-set your new chair and monitor to your preferred field of view, so you can roll out of bed and work in comfort immediately.


Create a comfortable field of view
schedule your work setting

Schedule your
work setting! 

Using your smart assistant and smart lighting, you can set the mood of your home office with warm illumination and different colours for a smooth aesthetic and comfortable work area.


The night before your shift, pre-set your new chair and monitor to your preferred field of view, so you can roll out of bed and work in comfort immediately.

Use productivity strategies like the Pedomoro Timer on your work laptop to remind you to take breaks and go for a walk enjoying your favourite podcast on your new headphones.


take breaks

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