Home & Office Security Buying Guide

Securing your home or business premises against break-ins and other attacks is vital for peace of mind. Our Home & Office Security Buying Guide outlines the products that can help you improve safety and protect your property and assets.


Security Products

Officeworks offers a wide range of security products for your home or office, including surveillance cameras, customisable alarms, smart door locks and more.

Wired security cameras

These are a reliable option as they are hardwired to your premises, and you don’t need to worry about interference from nearby devices or the system going down when the Internet isn’t working. Although all CCTV can be DIY, wired cameras may need professional installation, as they require running a cable from DVR to camera.

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Wireless security cameras

These cameras are easy to install as there is no need to drill holes and install wires. They provide high quality audio and video feeds wirelessly. However, wireless cameras may be affected by signal loss or interference, which could result in grainy or lost feeds.

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Surveillance kits

These kits, also known as DVR security systems, come with multiple cameras and a recorder, and are designed to be easy to set up. Record and playback what the CCTV cameras capture, and view security footage remotely from your computer or mobile device. Depending on the number of channels your system has, you can add on cameras as required.

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Other cameras

An imitation camera is a cost-effective way to boost your security set-up and deter would-be thieves. You can also keep an eye on things at home or at work with strategically placed baby monitors or nanny cams, or standalone cameras.


Motion sensors

Motion sensors are one of the most vital components in any home or office security system. They set off alarms or alert you when there’s movement in an area, or when doors and windows are opened.

Motion sensors work by detecting infrared energy (body heat) or vibrations, or by sending out pulses and measuring the reflection off a moving object. Those that are sensitive to heat should be kept away from heating vents or areas where the temperatures could change swiftly, as this could trigger them.

Place motion sensors where intruders are most likely to enter, such as front or back doors, garage doors and ground floor windows, and along the path they are likely to take.

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Be alerted when doors or windows are opened, or when sensors detect movement. Basic alarms emit an audible sound to attract attention, while smart alarms send alerts to your mobile device and can be customised to your needs as you can set your own rules to activate them.

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Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells and video doorbells increase security by sending real-time notifications to your smartphone or tablet when someone is at your door. You'll typically be able to see a live video stream of the person and speak to them as though you were there.

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Smart Lighting

Control lighting remotely using an app on your mobile device, so you can schedule lighting times, turn lights on and off as required, and have greater control over energy usage.

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Accessories to Consider

You can further enhance security and safety with the following products.


Store important items and protect them against theft, fire and water.

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Internet security software

Break-ins are not always physical. Protect yourself against virtual attacks and cyber threats.

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Data Storage

Keep a backup of your important data, preferably offsite so you’ll have a copy in the event of theft or damage.

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Dispose of confidential or sensitive documents when you’re done with them.

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Smoke alarms

Detect smoke and fire early with these life-saving devices.

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Keep the wireless components of your home and office security system working reliably.

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