Back to School Tech Buying Guide

Finding the right device for your kids can be hard work. Many parents can feel overwhelmed by the options. So instead of spending hours trawling the internet or browsing through shops, we've brought together some of the most important things you'll need to know, right here.

What to look out for?

There are many things to consider when choosing a device.


Performance has a lot to do with processor power. And the power your kids need depends on what they plan to do. Students reading, browsing and playing simple games or apps need beginner or intermediate performance. Students planning complex assignments, video editing and 3D gaming usually need a more powerful processor with advanced performance.


The brain of every computer; this determines how fast and powerful your computer can be. The processor is responsible for speed, multitasking, and a smoother, more responsive experience. Whether it’s researching on the web, creating school movies, sharing photos and videos, all of your school projects can be done a lot faster with a good processor. The more powerful your processor is, the more your device can do.


Also called the hard drive, a hard disk is your computer’s long-term memory. Between applications, photos, videos, school projects and all the other stuff that finds its way onto PCs, you’ll need to think about the amount of storage space. You should also consider an external hard drive to back up your schoolwork – especially that important project you spent hours on. External hard disks can also be added if more space is needed.

Wireless networking

To be sure your child can connect to the school wireless network you’ll need “Dual Band WiFi”. This is also useful outside of school as it makes it easier to connect to other WiFi networks. Our Back to School range of devices on this site have been pre-selected to ensure they all contain Dual Band WiFi.

Battery life

You’ll want at least six hours to get through the school day without having to charge. Feel confident that all our pre-selected Back to School devices on this site will have a minimum of six hours battery life. Devices fitted with the latest Intel energy-efficient Generation Core™ processors can stretch battery life, so keep your eye out for those.


If you’re going with a laptop check the weight. You don’t want to make their backpack too heavy to carry around.

After-school fun

Hard-working kids deserve to have some fun, too. For internet browsing and simple apps, a tablet will do. More sophisticated apps – like video editing – call for a more powerful device, such as a 2 in 1 or traditional laptop. Look for USB ports to connect to other devices as needed.

Want more information?

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