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Training Services

Warden and Evacuation Training This Warden and Evacuation Training course will help you learn how to safely evacuate a workplace. The course meets the competency requirements of PUAWER002B (ensure workplace emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented), PUAWER005B (operate as part of an emergency control organisation) and PUAWER008B (confine small workplace emergencies). First Aid Training This First Aid Training course will help you learn the correct way to respond in medical emergencies. In this 1 day, classroom-based course you'll learn how to perform resuscitation techniques, communicate details of an incident and conduct an incident evaluation. The course meets the competency requirements of HLTAID001 (provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and HLTAID003 (provide first aid). Safety for Leaders Training This Safety for Leaders Training course will help you understand the basics of workplace health and safety. In this 1 day, classroom-based course you'll learn about the roles and responsibilities of safety leaders, risk management processes and incident management. It'll also cover the importance of positive safety performance, organisational safety culture, legislative responsibilities and contractor management. Business Toolkit This Business Toolkit gives you access to a range of business knowledge resources. For 12 months you'll be able to access online reference resources covering a broad range of topics including marketing, finance and HR. You can also ask questions on key topics and receive confidential help from experienced consultants. Drone Training This Drone Training course allows you to learn more about operating your drone. The course is completed online, allowing you to access it whenever convenient for you. You'll discover how to fly your drone, what to use it for, regulations around the use of drones and essential safety information. Bookkeeping Setup and Training This Bookkeeping Setup and Training service will help you to learn how to manage your business accounts using Xero software. The service includes 15 hours of one-on-one training delivered over the course of 12 weeks via a webinar, so you can learn in the comfort of your own home or office.
Warden and Evacuation Training
First Aid Training
Safety for Leaders Training
Business Toolkit
Drone Training
Bookkeeping Setup and Training