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Create your own design by downloading one of our print template guidelines to get you started.

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Please note, products made using PVC have an estimated pick up of 3-10 business days.

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These Pull Up Banners are a great option for displaying signage at tradeshows, conferences, exhibitions, retail stores, and markets. They're easy to assemble, lightweight, and can be conveniently packed up in a compact manner so you can travel with them.


  • They're ideal for taking on the go to tradeshows, exhibitions, conferences, and more.

  • Choose from a selection of our templates or use your own design to add your branding.

  • The single sided print ensures the colours of your image pop.

  • It comes in small (610 x 1500 mm) or large (841 x 2000 mm).

  • You can choose from a range of material types.

  • The retractable base makes this Pull Up Banner easy to assemble.

  • A padded carry bag is provided for safe transportation.

  • They have a high quality construction with a sturdy frame.

Amazing Material Types

Amazing Material Types

Packs down easily for convenient transport

Packs down easily for convenient transport

This banner is convenient to transport thanks to its retractable base and easy assembly. It's a great option for advertising at tradeshow events due to its portability and its included carry bag.

Self Supporting Banner!

Self Supporting Banner!

No need for props or any extra accessories with this self supporting banner. The simple design adds convenience and sturdiness to make your life easier. Your artwork also stays protected when its retracted, giving you peace of mind that your images will remain vibrant.

Design with Canva

Design with Canva

Officeworks helps you bring your designs to life with Canva. It's free, easy to use, and you can print your designs in-store.


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Included Accessories1 x Single-sided print, 1 x Silver aluminium frame, 1 x Cloth carry bag, 1 x Assembly pole
WeightSmall - 2.35kg, Large - 3.2kg

Packaging and Assembly

Estimated Assembly Time (minutes)3 min

Design Guidelines

Bleed size, trim size & safe margin area

Bleed size

This area will be cut off when your product is cut to size. Your design should extend all the way to the bleed size to ensure no unwanted white edges when the print is cut to size.

Trim size

This is the final size your print will be trimmed to when the excess bleed is removed and is the size you select when creating your product.

Safe margin size

This is to ensure you don't end up with text or important image content right on the edge of your print. Aim to keep important images and text inside the dotted safe area box.

Download a print template


Printable Area

Printable Area

The below dimensions represent the printable area of your Pull Up Banner.

Small - 610mm x 1555mm
Large - 841mm x 2055mm

File Types

File Types

For best printing results, save your design as a PDF. You can also print in JPG, PNG format or as a TIFF. Maximum file size is 250mb.



Set the resolution of your design to 300dpi before you start designing. This way your print will be clear and sharp.

Colour Mode

Colour Mode

Our print machines are specifically made to print using the CMYK colour mode. Make sure your design is in CMYK for best results. This product can also be printed in RGB colour mode.

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