Sit-Stand Furniture Buying Guide

Standing more throughout the day helps to improve blood flow and reduce long-term back problems. Our sit-stand furniture, including height adjustable desks, ergonomic stools and chairs, and supportive mats, lets you comfortably alternate between standing and sitting to achieve the balance that’s right for you. Learn about the various options available and what to look for before buying.


Sit-Stand Desks

You can add a sit-stand desktop to your existing workstation or get a height-adjustable desk. To help you decide, consider the amount of space you have available, your existing set-up and the amount of surface space you need.

Sit-stand desktops

These are placed on top of existing desks, instantly creating a more flexible and ergonomic workstation. Most come fully assembled, while others only require minimal assembly. You can raise the height of the unit to suit your needs.

Sit-stand desktops are an affordable and portable option. They can also be used as a short-term method to help with an injury or health issues.

There are various sizes available to suit small and large desks, or for laptop, single-monitor and dual-monitor use. Check the dimensions before you buy to ensure it fits on your existing desk and can accommodate all your equipment.

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Height Adjustable Desks

These desks replace existing conventional desks and are ideal for those looking to set up an ergonomic workspace from scratch. They provide more surface space than a sit-stand desktop but are usually also more costly.

There are manual, gas lift and electric desks available. The manual desks require some cranking while the gas lift desks raise easily but require some assistance to lower. The electric desks provide the ultimate convenience: simply raise or lower the entire desk at the push of a button.

Our range includes portable tables, round and square tables, and medium to large-sized desks. Consider the desk height, dimensions, lifting weight capacity and adjustment speed before you buy.

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Sitting all day isn’t advisable, but neither is standing. Alternating between both provides the healthiest set up. Complement your sit-stand desk with a comfortable stool or ergonomic chair.

Sit-stand Stools and Chairs

Go from being seated to standing in one swift move with a sit-stand stool or chair. Our height adjustable stools and chairs are the ideal middle ground between standing and sitting, providing you with a comfortable perch when you need it, while helping to improve your posture.

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Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs provide the best support for your back and are highly adjustable. Look for a chair that allow you to adjust seat height and tilt, back height and tilt, and armrests, so you can find the position that’s most comfortable for you.

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Foot Support

Standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time puts pressure on your feet and legs. A mat or footrest can ease fatigue and improve comfort.

Standing Desk Mats

Also known as anti-fatigue mats or sit-stand mats, these mats are ideal for those who stand throughout the day. They support and cushion your feet to provide relief from long periods of standing on a hard surface.

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Adjustable or ergonomic footrests are ideal if your chair is too high for your feet to comfortably reach the ground, or you need to relieve pressure and improve circulation in your feet and legs.

You can adjust them so your feet are in a comfortable position while you improve your overall posture.

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Things to Consider

These features will help you select the right sit-stand desk and furniture for your needs.


You can get a sit-stand desktop for under $100 while height adjustable desks cost more. The more expensive desks have additional features such as capacity for multiple monitors, electric height adjustment, anti-collision settings and pre-set heights.


Consider the amount of equipment and work supplies you have, and ensure that the desk you select has adequate space for it all.

Height adjustable mechanism

Sit-stand desktops have either spring lift or gas lift mechanisms, while height adjustable desks are either manual or electric. Electric desks are the easiest to adjust, but also cost more.

Weight limit

Note the stated lifting weight capacity for your sit-stand desk, especially if you need to place heavy items on the desktop. Maximum weight limits range from 12kg to 100kg.

Cable management

If you prefer a clutter-free desk, look for one with built-in cable management which helps you organise and easily identify cables, while keeping your workspace clear.


For desks that last, choose business-grade furniture, designed for 24/7 use and backed by warranties of up to 10 years.


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