Moving Supplies Buying Guide

Moving house or office can be stressful, but with proper planning and the right supplies, you can ensure a smooth move. Our Moving Supplies Buying Guide shows you what you need to pack and transport your goods safely, and make moving easier.

Moving supplies

Moving Essentials

Officeworks offers a wide range of moving supplies to help you pack and secure your belongings for your move.

Moving boxes

Moving boxes are essential for packing, storing and transporting your belongings. Look for cardboard boxes that are sturdy, and use packing tape to reinforce the bottom of the boxes. Use small moving boxes for heavy or fragile items such as books and pictures, so they are easier to lift and carry. Use large boxes for light or bulky items such as quilts, pillows and clothing.

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Protective Wrap & Fill

Protect fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap, void fill or paper. You can also line boxes with it to provide extra cushioning during the move. Voild fill and bubble wrap provide light cushioning for smaller to larger items or placing inbetween items for protection. There are also sustainable paper options that can be used to stuff some of those more fragile and smaller items to make moving seemless.

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Packaging tape and tape dispensers

Use packaging or packing tape to seal the bottom of your moving boxes to strengthen them, and tape them up once you’ve completed your packing. A tape dispenser will make taping boxes a lot easier and quicker.

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Packaging labels

These labels are ideal for boxes requiring care or attention. If you’re using a moving service, packaging labels will help movers easily identify which boxes are heavy, contain fragile items, need to be a certain way up and more.

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Permanent markers

Write on each moving box to identify its contents, for example kitchenware, files, stationery, clothes, books and more. You can also label which room or level the box should go to, to make it easy for movers to know where to place each box at your new destination. Use a permanent marker for clear labelling.

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Box cutters

A box cutter will help you speed up unpacking by cutting through tape in no time. You can also use it to break down your boxes for recycling once you’re done with them.

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Other things to consider

Protect and secure your belongings during the move with these other products from Officeworks.

Plastic protectors

Protect furniture from dirt or moisture during the move.

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Moving blankets

Cushion furniture and other fragile items from bumps and scrapes.

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Shrink wrap

Securely wrap goods or bundle them together for easy transportation.

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Secure belongings in suitcases or storage with a good lock.

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Document folders

Organise and neatly file important paperwork so nothing gets lost during the move.

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