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Label makers are essential for organising your home, office, or classroom. Whether it’s handheld, desktop, or thermal, this Buying Guide will help you to find the label maker for your needs.

Useful Information

Find the type of Label Maker that’s right for you.


For household projects like organising cupboards, labelling boxes, and naming possessions, a handheld label maker may be the best option. With their compact size and portably functionality, handheld label makers are popular among students and households. Use one to label your BYOD devices for school or university and lower the risk of theft. Shop Officeworks’ range of personal label makers with brands like Brother and Dymo.


More heavy-duty label makers are ideal for small businesses, home offices, and for those who print labels on a regular basis. Desktop designs, while still somewhat compact, are sturdier and generally boast more capabilities than personal labellers. They usually work in conjunction with macOS and PC operating systems, as well as using labelling software. Shop Officeworks’ range of business label makers with brands like Brother and Dymo, and to find out more on how you can support your business check out Your Business Hub.

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Discover our wide range of label makers brands here are Officeworks.

Dymo Label Makers & Tapes

Dymo Label Makers & Tapes

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Brother Label Makers & Tapes

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Evolis Label Makers & Tapes

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Whether you’re operating a small business, organising your home storage, or labelling your school devices, you can find the perfect label maker to suit your needs. At Officeworks, we have a huge range of Dymo, Zebra, and Brother options for you to choose from.

handheld label maker

Handheld Label Makers

Handheld Label Makers offer compact, lightweight designs that are easy and quick to use. They’re often used for organisation projects around the home or to label possessions and devices for school students. Small enough to put away when not in use, Handheld Label Makers are a good starting point for your household.

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Label Printers

Label Printers are a heavy-duty option often used in industrial settings like businesses and offices. They generally have a sturdy, desktop design and a fast process for frequent printing of labels. Most popular within small or large businesses and offices, Label Printers are great for printing off shipping labels, barcodes, nametags, and more.

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Thermal Label Printers

Thermal Label Printers are popular choices for warehouses, mailrooms, and businesses. They often have sturdy, desktop designs with intuitive interfaces for seamless integration into your environment. These printers are compatible with thermal label rolls which don’t require ink or toner. They can be used to print off shipping labels, name tags, barcodes, and more. Shop Now

Thermal Labels

Thermal Labels don’t require ink or toner and are compatible only with thermal printers. They utilise thermal transfer technology, which is highly durable and can endure rough treatment, sunlight, and rubbing. Because of their sturdy construction, they’re a popular choice for businesses and warehouses, particularly for shipping parcels.

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Thermal Labels
Features to Consider

QWERTY Keyboard

Makes bashing out label after label a breeze thanks to the familiar keyboard layout.

Print Speed

How many labels can be printed per minute? Might not be important for occasional home use but for regular, professional use, you won’t want to wait around if printing labels in sizeable quantities.


USB connections for desktop label maker are very common, but there is a growing range of wireless label machines.

Power Source

For handheld label makers, power source should be a consideration, as you may prefer a rechargeable battery to one that uses AAA or AA that will need regularly replaced.

Label Compatibility

Many label makers and printers require compatible printing paper rolls. For instance, thermal printers are compatible with thermal printing rolls as they use specific technology.

Force Touch Trackpad

Force Touch trackpads are more sensitive to pressure and have more capabilities than the traditional trackpad. You’ll see different options based on the application you’re using and the amount of pressure you apply.


Like to get creative? Opt for a label maker that offers multiple styles, an array of symbols and the functionality to change font.


What type of display the label maker features is mainly a consideration for handheld label maker, as with desktop machines, you’ll be designing and setting up labels via a computer. LCD or Graphic displays help to get a strong visual idea as to how your label will look once printed.

Print Resolution

Like most decisions with label makers, what print resolution you opt for will boil down to what you intend to use it for. For a commercial environment like a mailroom of workplace, a higher resolution may be required to have a professional finish. For a school child, the standard resolution on a handheld label maker will more than suffice. Check the product information for the dpi number (dots per inch).

Number of Lines

If you intend to use your label machine to print address labels, you’ll require a label maker that can print multiple lines. Be sure to check the product description and specifications to ensure you get a label maker that fits your criteria.


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