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littleBits empowers kids to be inventive with technology through kits that are fun and easy to use. The kits comprise electronic building blocks that are colour coded and magnetic, and encourage infinite creativity and learning.

littleBits kits are designed to be used by everyone, regardless of age, and make STEM learning engaging and fun. Follow the step-by-step instructions or get creative and build your own inventions.

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littleBits Droid Inventor Kit

Create your own Star Wars droid and bring it to life! Teach it tricks, send it on missions and set it challenges using littleBits electronic blocks and the free Droid Inventor app.

The kit comes with everything you need to create and personalise your droid. Use your creativity to design any droid you can dream up and give it new skills.



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More littleBits Kits

Discover coding in a fun way with littleBits kits. Each kit features modular construction, which makes it easy to connect and disconnect pieces - there's no need for wiring, soldering or programming.

These electronic building blocks empower you to invent anything, from your own remote controlled car to a smart home device.



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