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Buying Guides

Take the hassle out of online shopping and find all of the product information you need in one place with the great selection of helpful buying guides online at Officeworks. Compare similar products, check out product reviews and become more informed with these impartial buying guides from the product experts at Officeworks.

  • Technology
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  • Pens Buying Guide
    Pens Buying Guide

    Buying a pen can be a personal and tough buying decision. Do you opt for rollerball, gel, fountain, ballpoint, fineliner or premiums pens? Let the Officeworks Pens Buying Guide detail the finer points of what each pen has to offer.

  • Chairs Buying Guide
    Chairs Buying Guide

    Chairs come in all shapes, sizes, functions and much, much more these days. The Officeworks Buying Guide will break down the key things to look for in a chair, so you'll stay comfortable, supported and stylish.

  • Printer Buying Guide
    Printer Buying Guide

    Looking for the best printer to suit your needs but need to narrow down your options? Check out the helpful printer buying guide online at Officeworks. Compare different printer models from top brands like Brother, Canon, Epson and HP and browse the wide collection of printer reviews to help you find the perfect printer.

  • Smart Home & Office Buying Guide
    Smart Home & Office Buying Guide

    Be in control with a smart home or office. Browse the Officeworks buying guide to better understand your connectivity needs - whether you need wireless security cameras, remotely controlled thermostats, lights and plugs or just a starter kit.

  • Monitor Buying Guide
    Monitor Buying Guide

    A quality computer monitor lets you see the big picture. Whether for professional use or gaming, find the best monitors for your needs. Take the guesswork out of buying information on display types, resolution, size and much more.

  • Computers Buying Guide
    Laptops Buying Guide

    Shopping for a laptop can be a stressful experience. Let the Officeworks Laptops Buying Guide make choosing the best laptop for your needs a breeze.

  • Tablets Buying Guide
    Tablets Buying Guide

    There are many great tablets to choose from in the range online at Officeworks. Picking which one can be difficult, so browse the Tablets Buying Guide and narrow down your search for the best tablet.

  • Hard Drives Buying Guide
    Hard Drives Buying Guide

    With so much stored digitally these days, a good hard drive is an essential piece of tech gear. Browse the Hard Drives buying guide to help you find the ideal data storage device for your needs.

  • Fitness Tracker Buying Guide
    Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

    Strive for a healthier, happier you with the help of a fitness tracker from the range to buy online at Officeworks. Find the best activity tracker for your needs in a selection that includes the best Fitbit, Jawbone and Garmin wearables.

  • Headphones Buying Guide
    Headphones Buying Guide

    Let the Officeworks Headphones Buying Guide make choosing between Bose, Beats, Sennheiser and Skullcandy a breeze. For more information, check out the many headphones reviews on the best brands.

  • Mobile Phones Buying Guide
    Mobile Phones Buying Guide

    Buying a new phone is a big decision - make the right purchase with the aid of the Smartphone Buying Guide. Get the inside scoop on the best iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S6 and more.

  • Wireless Speakers Buying Guide
    Wireless Speakers Buying Guide

    Listen to your music in superior sound with a Wireless or Bluetooth Speaker. Let the Wireless Speakers Buying Guide help you find the perfect speaker for your needs in a range that features the UE Boom 2 and UE Megaboom.

  • Shredders Buying Guide
    Shredders Buying Guide

    Keep your private documents in check with a Shredder from Officeworks. Work out which type of shredder is best for your needs, from cross-cut to strip-cut, commercial to personal, the Shredders Buying Guide will help you find the perfect model.

  • Label Machines Buying Guide
    Label Machines Buying Guide

    Whether for business or home use, at school or on the job, Officeworks has a label machine for you. Use the Label Machines Buying Guide to find the perfect labeller for your needs.

  • Projectors Buying Guide
    Projectors Buying Guide

    Impress with that important presentation, sit back and enjoy family movie time in style or keep a classroom entertained with a quality projector. Help find the perfect projector to suit your needs with the projectors buying guide.

  • Commander Business VOIP Phones Buying Guide
    Commander Phones Buying Guide

    Commander VOIP phones help you cut down on costs and are flexible enough to grow with your business. Compare Commander handsets and subscriptions to select the right solution for your needs.